If you go down in the woods today…

I’ve been spending a lot of time in AAi’s Secret Garden, the Enchanted Forest as we’re due to have a ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ one-off event on 1st August and I want it to be… well, perfect.

We plan on having a mini festival featuring many of our regular DJs with a distinct ethereal theme. I don’t so much mean the music will be ethereal, but we’ll all dress up and be just gorgeous. You, of course, are invited. Especially you. Guest of honour!

You can go and have a sneaky peek at the Forest itself by visiting The Secret Garden in Second Life.

However, when I was down there last night, something terrible and completely unforeseen (aside from much placing of pose balls) happened! I was attacked by a tall, dark, handsome vampire who mesmerised me and made me swoon and had just a little sip of my blood.

Any regular Second Lifers will know that a vampire is not a rarity in SL, but one that makes the effort to go all ‘Dracula’ complete with top hat deserves to be remembered.

vamp 1b

Meri wears
Hair: Exile – Blown Away (Hair Fair 2014)
Dress: Camille Gown in Red (Marketplace)

Thom wears
Hat: A&A Sculpted Top Hat Basic Black with texture change (Marketplace)
Fangs:Foxy Fashions Love Bites Sculpted Vampire Fangs (Marketplace)
Coat: No Salvation Designs Double Breasted Suit Coat w/tie (Marketplace)

You can check out other shots and the raw SL snapshots by visiting my Flickr.

If you go along to the Enchanted Forest, I’d suggest you at least set it to midnight, if you can’t be bothered faffing about with the other amazing windlight settings available to you. It looks great when it’s a bit spooky 🙂

Proud? Ok just a tiny bit. It’s the prettiest place I’ve made in SL and I love it. Go see. And come on the 1st, we’ll start around 12 noon I think (to be confirmed).

vamp 7b

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