You are NOT going out dressed like that

Says my mother, upon first setting eye on the deeR belted skirt. “That skirt is like a belt!”

Hang on… that skirt IS a belt, in fact many belts.

Thankfully, it has been a few years since my mum had veto on my wardrobe (and even then she normally failed to rein me in) and in Second Life, slutty is the average and downright dirty bish isn’t unusual.

Not that I’m suggesting this beautifully made skirt, which comes with a HUD to change the belt leathers into oh so many beautiful colours, is only for the slutty amongst us. No, I think it could be worn with leggings or ripped tights and set off a punky look to a T.

However, I went slutty, of course.

deeR mesh buckles skirt
deeR mesh buckles skirt

Did I mention the wide variety of colours available? Yeah I know, but honestly, I’ve covered about a third here of what is available.







You can also wear it with a cute azz! For you mesh bottomed enthusiasts out there.

If you’d like to punk up your look, or slut it out, or simply have a thing for buckles, you can get this beautifully textured piece of kit from deeR on marketplace or by visiting them at the deeR mainstore in Second Life. Each pack contains shaded versions of a main colour (ie. purples etc) and costs 300l$. Hit the hut!

The other super gorgeous items I am wearing are:

F.owl Sexy Spiked Bra
Milk hair – The Top Knot


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