Girls are people too!

So my message of the day is this… Girls are people too! The reason? Ah well, I’ve been deleted by another man on SL who realised I wasn’t interested in giving him 100% of my time or going to bed with him. Seems I’m a teeny bit dim for thinking that some men are capable of being friends. It makes me feel even more blessed to have made the friends I have though. ❤

Anyway! I decided to cheer myself up with another fashion splurge and you can see me here in a typical daily shopping outfit, complete with cute bag to pop all my purchases in (gift from Paolla Flux, thanks!)



Eyelure Capri Denims (Denim/Blue Belt)
Eyelure Racerback Tank (Blue/Pink)
Little Bones – West Coast
Pure Poison Seahorse sandals (Gold)

Eyelure Mainstore
Eyelure Marketplace

The top and capris from Eyelure come in various pretty colourways and you can get both for 149l$


One thought on “Girls are people too!

  1. Thats one of the reasons im happy not even being interested the slightest in guys. Its always the same…..always. But yeah, I’m glad you see it too now how idiotic they are 😛

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