My little Rock n Roll

Snapshot_010 Three fab outfits to live up to a Rock n Roll image today… The first is this white ensemble: .ploom Mosch hair Razor Valeska Boots ISON Geometric Corset Poised Sheer Shorts (White) with Cute Azz Snapshot_009 Snapshot_008 Coquet Denim Jacket (Blue/White) [RA] Nicki Hair – Duos CD Celeste Magenta #candy Mesh Mascara Mini Tank Dress Snapshot_003 Rock On! Hunt in Second Life – Outfit from Poised Crave Mesh Slim Skinny Miley Crop Top CD Animal IV wedges (Project Limited) Milk – The Top Knot


You can obtain all or some of these wonderful items by doing the hunt (linked above) and by visiting #candy on Marketplace by clicking here or Poised on Marketplace by clicking here.

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