No clothes today!

As the title suggests, I have no clothes to show you today. Instead I have two items for which no outfit is required.

where the wild things are MOoh


The first is this supercute little unicorn and toadstool combo which will be available in the gacha from MOoH! at the upcoming ‘Where the wild things are’ event from July 26th through to August 10th in Second Life.

You won’t be able to get it at their mainstore or MooH marketplace, but you can go see those things anyway if you like, to help pass the time of day.

eyelure liquid eyeliner

The second item is this lovely Liquid Eyeliner from Eyelure. It comes in a pack of four different colours – Black, Deep Blue (very), Forest Green and Violet for only £99l$ and is available on the Eyelure Marketplace or at the Eyelure Mainstore in Second Life.

I’m looking forward to later on Second Life. It is a friend’s 10th rezzday and there is to be a party for her at the Bannister and Shamrock. She is looking pretty good for her age, so I’m going to make a little effort with my outfit this evening, and not go naked. Happy Rezzday Ceres! May you have many more happy ones xx

The hair I’m wearing is one of my absolute faves – Moon – Sugar Hiccup. Nip over in world and get yourself one. Or not. I mean, I was sure it had been made for just me, but it seems not. Mildly disappointed in that.

What do you think?

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