I ran away from home today

Running away isn’t the answer, people say. But honestly, if that’s so, they’ve never had to deal with the plumbing issues I currently am in RL. Most of my friends already know, but hell, I’m going to give anyone who’ll listen earache over this in the hopes of getting some more sympathy, haha.

The central heating system in my house is odd. It has always been odd. A succession of electricians, plumbers and well-meaning men with pokey sticks have been unable to make any impression upon its main failing; it only makes hot water when the central heating itself is on.

This means, in a nutshell, that in Winter I can enjoy long baths, but in Summer, I have to boil a kettle if I wish to wash up in the sink.

This is not normally a huge issue as I have a little dishwasher and an electric shower. But the shower has died now too.

My kitchen sink is completely blocked and water keeps gushing back up the pipe and, via my cutlery drawer, dousing the kitchen floor in wet stuff. I’m not a happy girl at all.

Understandably, I think you’ll find, the thought of having to be stinky until the plumber arrives on Friday afternoon isn’t an appealing one, so yesterday I decided I was going to have a bath and this means putting the heating on full whack (30c) when it wasn’t much below that outside.

As I sat here for four hours while the hot water heated up, slowly melting, I thought of all the places I’d rather be…

…and came up with Brighton Beach in SL. It seems whenever I’m running away from anything, in SL or RL, I end up on Brighton Beach. It’s strange to think I have never been there in RL, because it is a home from home in my pixelworld.

I also thought it’d be a good chance to show you my loot from The Aloha Fair!

A ride on a carousel horse called Bernard certainly helped to clear my head
A ride on a carousel horse called Bernard certainly helped to clear my head

MOoH! are offering a couple of event exclusives, one of which is this Blue Leopard Beach set. I think the cute kitty on the sarong is supposed to be a leopard – aww – I thought it was a kitten with teenage acne but no! The other exclusive is the same set in pink and is very cute, but I love blue best.

A quick paddle got lazy pretty quickly as I tested out the bikini in the water.
A quick paddle got lazy pretty quickly as I tested out the bikini in the water.

I stripped off the sarong and loped over to the sea. You can never say Brighton isn’t erm… revitalising. Some would say chilly! Ignore my goosebumps please.

Ma humps, ma humps, ma lovely lady humps!
Ma humps, ma humps, ma lovely lady humps!

Honestly, this is not a gratuitous butt shot. I thought you’d like to see that there are addable and adjustable ties for the mesh bikini. I also thought you’d like to see that it fits my mesh body pretty well without the aid of alphas, although there is one in the pack for people who like to use them.

Bring me my knickerbocker glory right now please Cafe Lady!
Bring me my knickerbocker glory right now please Cafe Lady!

As far as I’m concerned, the beach set is lovely but the cherry on the top of my ice cream sundae was this cute little MOoH! Bandana Beach top. It covers up a little more than the bikini top and is so cute with its beaded strings. Best of all, this was a free gift at The Aloha Fair from MOoH!

So, if you have something you’d like to run away from for a while. Take a trip to The Aloha Fair (which is on from July 28th through to August 11th) and get some goodies and then go hide at the beach. It did me a lot of good.

First outfit:

MOoH! Blue leopard beach set incl. Bandeau bikini bottom, Bandeau bikini top, Long Beach Sarong – 175l$ at The Aloha Fair (event exclusive)

MOoH! Bandana Beach Top – gift at The Aloha Fair

[e] Cassidy hair – new release last week and my current favourite!

Visit MOoH Mainstore in Second Life
Visit MOoH on Marketplace

Notes: None of the photographs have been edited or photoshopped in any way, any errors or flaws you see are therefore due to my poor photography skills 🙂 If you click on the images, it will take you through to my Flickr where you can view it in different sizes, but I can feel if you look too close. It tingles.


3 thoughts on “I ran away from home today

  1. Poor girly….and I know you never reply to this as you havent all the other times i comment here. But I’m really sure it will all be good again ❤ Here in Japan I had way way worse things, I lived with waterdamage for over a year till they finally fixed it and helped me with the renovation stuff. Some landlords are really silly and don't want to pay for stuffs or say that its our fault. Don't worry sweetie….I know you are strong and soon it will all be good again ❤

    1. Aw thanks Lucille! I mostly reply, I was just a bit sad about my cat so didn’t. I’m glad your renovation stuff is finally done, that must have been awful 😦

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