A lovely day for a picnic

Some days aren’t meant for proper dinners, but for little bites of sensual morsels, exploding like ripe cherries on your tongue.

Some days the sunshine filters down through the leaves, the breeze teasing your skin and tweaking your hair as you sit down with a portable radio on and the person whose company you enjoy most and share your picnic.

Poised top final

Details of Poised Layla Chocker Top: (available in 40 textures and in 5 sizes) 195l$ for a pack of 10 textures or 550l$ for all 40 (where can you get 40 tops for 550l$?!?)

Visit Poised on Marketplace or Poised’s inworld store. I found this top to be an incredibly good fit, I actually didn’t need to use the enclosed alpha, although we’re all different shapes and so, if you don’t want a boob to pop out while you’re reaching for a cucumber sandwich, it might be wise to use it anyway. The textures are beautifully detailed and there is such a wide range of colours and styles that it can completely change the mood of the top from romantic, to disco, to fun and girly through gothy and evening.

Tulip Twilight Maxi Skirt in Cloud
Ison Safari Tribe Bracelet
Eyelure Lip Love in Ballet Pink from the Eyelure Liplove Gloss set (5 sweet shades to make your lips zing). Visit Eyelure at their Second Life store or Eyelure on Marketplace. The pack is only 99l$.



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