Lunchtime retro fun

Mondays can be miserable mayhem. I am a mardy malcontent, muddling madly through mundane mulch.

Maybe merriment makes misery mope off?

How do you make your Mondays more bearable? I go onto Second Life for my lunch break and play with some retro toys. There’s nothing that makes me giggle more than watching myself bounce around on a space hopper or pogo stick 🙂

Get silly with me!!!




Meri’s mad and minxy Monday outfits comprise…

Eyelure Side Tie Shorts – Lemon and Rose shown on Space Hopper
Eyelure Fresh Crop – Navymum and Rose shown on Pogo Stick

Visit Eyelure in Secondlife

Visit Eyelure on Marketplace

Little Bones Papercuts ponytail

Low Tops by Snow Bristol from Marketplace (old, not sure if still available)

What do you think?

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