Think pink stinks?


Let’s get the inevitable and hopefully anticipated fashion bit out of the way before I progress to the ‘think pink stinks’ part of the whole thing… yes let’s. So, if you happen to love pink and like what I’m wearing today, you too can enjoy the whole pinkness (and many other colour combinations too) by nipping over to Eyelure in Second Life, or Eyelure on Marketplace and grabbing this nifty little Layered Summer Dress all for a measly 99l$. Not ‘arf bad shoppers, I can tell you.

I particularly liked the detailed texture of the dress which you can view in the next shot, the detail of the fibres made me feel like I was wearing natural cotton or linen or something (very hot-weather-friendly stuff is natural fibres) and also the fact that for some reason unrelated to the amount of chocolate I’ve eaten, I was a S in this dress rather than the now customary M. Bit sad that, as it’s all pixels, but I’ll take what I can get, haha.

Eyelure Layer Dress (Creme Pink Pattern)
LaRoo Ellie Sock Pumps (Pink)
NOYA Bangles silver
Fishy Strawberry bangles pink/silver
Little Bones – Two Weeks no.3 (Chapter Four Gacha)


So, back to pink. I didn’t used to like pink very much. I was a very girly little girl, but never a pink and girly little girl. I loved blue (I still love blue best), and so pink things held little appeal for me. UNTIL…

I was in my 20’s and had been through a rotten, horrible relationship with a rotten, horrible, controlling man who quite literally told me what I could and could not wear and how to have my hair, amongst other indignities. When enough was finally enough, and I had ended the relationship, this prize specimen continued to be horrible and I decided drastic action was called for.

You’re thinking two things I’m sure; the first, was it a restraining order or involving the police? And second, what does this have to do with the colour pink? Be patient only a little longer, we’re getting to it.

I decided that a very public expression of my independence was called for, a kind of more grown up teenage rebellion tactic. I had my hair cut short and spiky and dyed it bright pink. In order to keep my job, I had to clear this with the powers that be and they decided to make a big deal of it by involving the press and the Mayor and all that. The net result was that I raised a couple of thousand pounds for Breast Cancer Research and was all over the front of the local papers. Eek. 

While this was maybe a larger statement than I had first anticipated making, it made me feel quite fondly about the colour pink and SL has allowed me to recapture that very pinkness which made me feel rebellious, happy and more like myself than I had felt for a long time.

Pink doesn’t have to be the colour of pampered princesses, pink can be the colour of emancipation, life and vitality. The colour of a new start with a fresh attitude.


What do you think?

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