Happiness is a warm puppy – Charles M Schultz

deeR mesh rocca belted dress
deeR mesh rocca belted dress

If happiness is a warm puppy, then bliss is a warm puppy and a new frock – Mericat Ireland.

As you can see from the photograph, I went up to my little dressing room, a few thousand metres up in the sky to take a photograph of this new deeR mesh Rocca dress which I think is rather super, and somehow… I’ve not figured out how yet, my puppy ‘Ryan’ followed me up there. He’s a tenacious little terrier when he wants a hug, I can tell you.

Outfit details…

deeR Mesh Rocca Belted Dress with HUD (a huge range of colours and patterns available! Plus! Belt and metal options too)
Candydoll Gossa Bloody for slink high feet
Moon hair Eye of the Needle – Naturals 1
Mandala Lotus Necklace/Chain/Fall Gold

Puppy – AIF Auto Intelligence Friend – The best pets in SL. Ryan is mine tho, you can’t have him.

You can get the dress by visiting District 5 on August 13th, it isn’t available in the mainstore or on marketplace.

You can find out more about the District 5 event by visiting Xari Xofan’s blog post here

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