Out of my comfort zone? Out of my depth more like

Those of you who are my Facebook friends as well as blog readers will know that earlier this week, I was challenged in one of these ‘do one thing every day that scares you’ type of micro-bullying, facebook, chain-letter landing misery pots.

I don’t mean to sound churlish about it (haha) it’s just that, as I said to Holden, who had been kind enough to nominate me, (following his own nomination), I’m quite happy IN my comfort zone thank you.

I didn’t want to seem mean-spirited or ‘chicken’ though, so I thought I would enter into the spirit of it and have a go. Only time will tell if I am successful. The first of my challenges was to post a rl selfie, which I did and everyone was nice and nobody accused me of having had a face-lift or having nicked someone else’s image a la Catfish, so that was all good.

The next thing I decided to do was suggest going shopping on Second Life to Thom. I love shopping on SL. I like it on marketplace, I like it in-world, I like it at events, I just darn well like it. And, what’s more, I’ve gotten pretty good at it too. I can spend money and acquire clothes, shoes, hair and other miscellaneous items like nobody’s business.

Thom is rather more reserved in this way (and some would say, in other ways too). Thom has some requirements that must be met for him to truly love an item.

a) It must fit him very well, like it was made for him

b) It must be completely his style, like it was made for him

c) It must not be seen on anyone else, like it was made for him

d) are you spotting a pattern here?

It can make shopping trips with him something of a drawn out and painful process. I know, you think I must be exaggerating, so I documented some of it for your entertainment. I’m going to edit it down or we’ll be here all day, by the way. We arrived at The Mens Dept…

Meri: just rezzing

Thom: me too .. slowly

Meri: okies these henleys look quite nice, near the door

Thom: henleys ?

Meri: simple soft long sleeved tee with a button neck

Meri: called henleys

Thom: lol i never knew that

Meri: i think it’s an americanism, but they are often nice in rl anyway

Thom: not bad

Thom: what colour ?

Meri: well you should try the demo hun

Thom: just got it

Thom: i’ll put it on now

Meri: i like the blue of course, the pale grey, the green and the yellow is strangely attractive too

Meri: okies

Thom: ok it’s boxed

Meri: might be a bag, try adding

Meri: yup

Meri: now click it or it might send automatically

Thom: ok i have a triangle

Meri: rezzing

Thom: now rezzed

Thom: not bad

Meri: is it too big?

Thom: yeah a bit

Meri: nice around neck and shoulders

Meri: does it come with sizes?

Thom: not as a demo no

Meri: no, that probably means it’s fitted mesh

Meri: ie. it fits to your body size

Thom: ok

Meri: probably why it looks nice up top

Meri: it’s you shaped

Thom: lol

Thom: ok shall we look for some more ?

Meri: yeah lets wander around


So sweet reader, I thought it had gone pretty well so far. Just inside the door and already he’s tried on one thing and declared it ‘not bad’.


Meri: i see something i like

Meri: that denim jacket and top combo – coco is usually excellent

Thom: nah a bit to geeky for me

Meri: lol

Meri: you don’t trust me to even try it?

Thom: ok

Meri: aww you’re wonderful

Thom: not bad this

Meri: no, i like the message (it said ‘blink if you want me’)

Meri: blinks a lot

Thom: i would wear this

Meri: the darker jacket looked better

Meri: i think it comes with both tees anyway

Meri: would you?

Meri: sometimes things look better on you than on the poster hun

Thom: oh it’s like a waistcoat (he tried a second version on)

Meri: only that colour, the last one wasn’t

Meri: not a waistcoat but with contrasting sleeves, i don’t like that one as much

Thom: ok what next ?

Meri: dunno, let’s look


Reader… I’m beginning to worry at this point. Words like ‘waistcoat’ are a death knell to Thom who refuses to wear anything without sleeves. Ever. Even as an overlayer.


Thom looks sulky as Meri notices Moon's hair offerings at The Mens Dept
Thom looks sulky as Meri notices Moon’s hair offerings at The Mens Dept

Meri: i see a moon display – moon is my fave hair

Meri: and she has begun doing mens hair, so I want to see

Thom: lol, i suspect that’s why we are here (Thom is suspicious of my motives related to hair, always)

Meri: no babes lol

Thom: awful

Meri: we’re here because this is a place that brings together good designers under one roof, thus saving lots of time

Thom: ppl are starting to smoke pipes (one of the hair pictures has a man smoking a pipe – Thom smokes a pipe in sl)

Meri: yeah

Meri: shit

Meri: so you hate them and don’t want to try them?

Meri: 😀

Thom: oh come on

Thom: they are bad

Meri: you’re judging them solely on the avatars

Thom: no the pics

Thom: they look comical

Meri: but i’ve not seen them on a real person, but no worries hun

Thom: ok ok

Meri: i know, you only like one hair in sl and you have it 🙂

Thom: i’ll try the one on the left

Meri: ok

Thom: ok got it

Thom: do i have to wear it here ?

Thom: lol


Gah! By this time, I’m pulling my own carefully chosen hair out. Thom’s normal hair is nice, I like it, it suits him, but he’s had it since I met him back in 2008. I admit, it was the best hair in 2008 and I’ve not seen loads of men’s hair in SL I’ve liked since, but I did make him try one on, in Dura a few months ago, that I liked a lot and he liked a bit… well, nearly. Anyway, I’m digressing. Back to The Mens Dept.


Meri: This is fabulous

Meri: this can be my next ‘out of my comfort zone’ thing, hahaha

Thom: what hun ?

Meri: hmm shopping with you feels a bit like getting Andrew to have his hair washed when he was 7 (Andrew is my nephew)

Meri: like i’m making you do something horrid 🙂

Meri: agh jesus

Meri: that picture behind you of the tattoo guys, they are a horrible shape

Thom: yes i’m just looking

Thom: ok to the left ? or right?

Meri: i think they are the same shape, but the guy on the left looks really odd around his midsection

Thom: no i  meant shopping direction doof

Meri: i will follow you shall i?

Thom: 🙂


(10 seconds later after vaguely wandering up an aisle…)


Thom: nope it’s all pretty crap

Meri: well we’ve seen half

Thom: mesh ears hun, for men

Meri: ooh be there in a sec, got a demo yet?

Thom: yes, I got ‘em, I’ll play with them later

Thom: only 275

Meri: you ever feel like you’d like new trainers ?

Meri: casual wear kinda

Thom: nah

Meri: okies

Meri: seen anything else you’d like to buy while you were here?

Thom: not clotheswise

Thom: how about you ?

Meri: well it’s mens stuff hun

Meri: i liked the dark coco jacket, but has to be up to you and what you’d like to wear

Thom: well that guy with the cap has it on… says it all

Meri: he has the mid coloured one with the black sleeves, which I don’t like

Meri: but yes, he’s a moron

Thom: there isn’t much here though

Meri: no, not for your taste

Thom: you girls have it so easy, and you have mesh bodies

Meri: come on then, let’s go home

Thom: ok let’s go home and yank my ears


Meri looks on in horror as Thom insists on editing the hair, temporarily looking like Ena Sharples
Meri looks on in horror as Thom insists on editing the hair, temporarily looking like Ena Sharples

Yup, us girls have it easy… for sure. As I pointed out to him AN HOUR AND A HALF LATER when he was still camming his new ears and examining the new hair he finally bought from Dura with one arm shoved up his back, on the condition I understood it was an alternative hair only, and he might go back to his old one any time at all – any time!

I know some couples love to shop together, but basically, I prefer to shop alone. ‘Cus he is a P.I.T.A. when it comes to dressing or changing Thom at all.


P.S. I love you hunny.

Meri and Thom finally relax - a bit - while Thom examines his new, possibly temporary hair and mesh ears
Meri and Thom finally relax – a bit – while Thom examines his new, possibly temporary hair and mesh ears


P.P.S. Did you think you’d get me this far out of my comfort zone Holden? Nope, me neither.

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