Envy the Wild Thing

wild thing campfire a

As she rapidly rubbed the sticks against the flint, it sparked suddenly; a small flame bursting into life. She blew gently onto the miracle, as her father had taught her and blessed the gods for providing heat once more.

Poised Envy Mesh dress
Dawn of Empires – First Club (marketplace)
LOULOU&CO Enigma Bracelet
VioMagic Ugg boots brown
Fishy Strawberry bangles wood brown

wild thing misty a

The animal cry echoed around the deserted mountains, bringing her to her feet, her club hanging loosely from her hand. It sounded again. Meri knew it was eat or be eaten tonight, as she set out once more.

It is always like this when Thom goes away for a few days; Meri becomes feral.


But seriously… loooove this Poised Envy dress. You don’t put it on and think cave woman, unless you are me, but it’s so elegant and sexy and fits great and comes in 3×5 colours/textures.

Hop to it my savage friends. It’s available at the Poised mainstore in Second Life or you can simply grab it from Poised’s store on marketplace if you don’t want to leave your cave. It’s 200l$ for one pack of five styles and only 400l$ for all fifteen. 


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