Lazy Friday morning

mooh plaid shirt meri sofa

After the whole cavewoman trauma fight-for-your-life thing yesterday, I felt so lazy today. I just sat around the house in my soft plaid shirt and knickers and chilled out. Seeing as Thom is away ’til tonight, I thought I should preserve my strength.

mooh plaid shirt meri bed

Meri wears (just barely):

Mooh Plaid Sexy Open Shirt Set 1-  6 colours 5 sizes (all diff plaids/tartans) for the Closer Fair only.
*~Random Inspiration !~* Camel Toe Thong (Marketplace)
Taketomi ayami blondes hair

The Closer Fair fair opens today – August 15 and runs through to the September 14. There are two packs of plaid (or tartan as we Brits like to call it) shirts available, however none of them will button up over my boobs… jus sayin’.

TP to the Closer Fair in Second Life

Visit Mooh on Marketplace (where you won’t find this shirt but there are other stuffages)


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