Tripping on tip-toes

meri ballet 1b


“Dance is more about discipline than it is about magic” Darcy Bussell. Thankfully, in SL, my lack of discipline with my wallet inspires my dance without any discernible pain!

Some days it’s great just to stay at home on Second Life and do a bit of painless shopping on Marketplace. Today, Meri wears:

*~*Damselfly*~* Eryca/Russet Glow Cool on marketplace 
-Z- EVA Ballerina (Blush) by Naheemah Banx on marketplace 
Glam Fitness Bodysuit – Candy on marketplace 
Amitomo tutu tule skirt baby pink s-m on marketplace 

damselfly1b I’ve actually had this Damselfly hair for a couple of years now and I never feel less than feminine and elegant when wearing it, and it inspired the whole ballet look today. You can visit Damselfly in Second life too.

What do you think?

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