The woman who fell to Earth

lost in space 1b


Being a space pirate was not as much fun as it sounded, mused Meri, as yet again she was forced to walk the plank. It was, however, an extremely pretty way to be kicked out. She popped an oxygen capsule into her mouth and stretched out luxuriantly to revel in the lack of gravity. She wasn’t worried; sooner or later, some sucker would stop for her.

lost in space 2b

MadPea are having another hunt! This time it’s called the ‘Green Mire’ hunt and it opens on the 1st September and is boasting 30 hunt prizes from 30 different vendors. Ooh! So you can go get more info from the MadPea website

I’m happy to be wearing the prize from #candy, along with some other spiffy items.

Meri wears:

Dress – #candy Cosmic Mesh Dress (Green Mire hunt – 1st Sept)
Bracelets – Mandala SINRA bracelets
Rings – Yummy, Zenith and ASO!
Shoes – ISON: Lace-up Gladiator Sandals
Piercings – #candy and T&T
Hair – Tram A816(A)

What do you think?

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