The Exorcist

meri exorcist 1a

The room was cold and the air was thick with a dusty moisture common to old houses. Meri’s footsteps echoed as she stepped on the creaking wooden floor towards the door and suddenly, a blast of acute consciousness behind her made her look around. The figure of a young woman flickered in the lamplight, her face drawn and miserable with a loss felt many, many years ago. Meri took a deep breath, the air now icy, tearing at her lungs. She opened her mouth, hoping she might speak but no words presented themselves.

Meri the Exorcist wears:

Eyelure Classic Skirt M – black
Eyelure TightTop S – Black
Eyelure Clear lipgloss (Free gift in store)

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Bax Regency Boots Black Leather
Little Bones Ultraviolence
Mandala Sagarmatha Necklace in Gold
Mandala Takara Bangle Inca Gold

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