Date with a weak bladder

Meri diner a

Back in the olden days, before Meri met Thom, she met a handsome young man who asked her out for a milkshake one evening. She chose a chocolate milkshake and sat in her booth seat, one leg swinging a little impatiently as he excused himself for the third time to visit the bathroom.

meri car a

When the time came for him to drive her home, Meri went to wait in his convertible, as he had to pay for the drinks and visit the men’s room again. By now she was a little more than pee’d off and had decided that when he pulled up outside her house, she might be visited by an urgent need to visit the toilet herself, negating the need for necking.


Meri wears:

MOoH! Black lace tanktop (layers plus Lolas! applier) (MOoH! Mainstore ~ MOoH! Marketplace)
#Candy Mono Skulls Pencil Skirt (#Candy Mainstore ~  #Candy Marketplace)
*MM* Cherry Charm Earrings and Necklace (*MM* Marketplace)
.ploom. Mosch blondes (.ploom. Mainstore ~ .ploom. Marketplace)
Reign Partition Pumps – White (Reign Mainstore ~ The Swag Fest 2 in SL)
Belt – part of skirt from IAF – quite old now! Not sure if they still sell it (IAF Mainstore ~ IAF Marketplace)

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