Tee total

Did you know that the term ‘teetotal’ comes (so they say) from a man called Dicky Turner. Mr Turner was a member of the Preston Temperance Society back in the 1800s and sadly, suffered from a stuttering speech impediment, causing him to say that they must insist upon ‘tee tee tee total abstinence’. The term stuck and teetotal has become the term for someone who abstains completely from alcoholic beverages.

In this case, however, it means that I have found totally the best tee in the whole of SL, I think.

deeR tshirts

This is .::deeR::. Reloaded Tee and you can get it in packs with themed designs (four designs in each pack) or go for the whole multipack of 16 tees with 8 scarf designs. It’s all HUD based and the scarf is hideable and showable via the HUD. I can’t choose my favourite so showed you a variety, above.

I love the shape, it has a good breast shape, natural – not too flat, not pointy, not pinched like a duck attacked you after you left the shop. Lovely boobies.


For those of you who want to get full details, here is a full size shot. I didn’t edit anything so, if you can see errors, they are mine and not those of the creator who is a fine fellow and wouldn’t do such a thing!

Meri wears:

Catwa Mesh Stella hair (Catwa marketplace)
The Boutique – ripped denim shorts (The Shops/The Boutique mainstore)
deeR reloaded tee with HUD (8 scarves, 16 tee designs) (deeR marketplace or deeR mainstore)
Mandala Billionaire Watch/Bracelets (prev Collabor88)

What do you think?

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