Getting up to no good

It is a fact that if Thom knew what I did when he went away for his fishing competitions, he’d find it hard to believe. I suspect that he imagines I’m off on a flirt-a-thon around the whole of SL, dressed in a skimpy outfit and dancing like a loon. But the facts are quite different and I thought I would share with you what a wild Friday night let loose looks like for Meri, as long as you promise not to tell!

Eyelure V Neck Minidress - Small leaves Little Bones - Eden II (The Secret Affair Gacha item) Eyelure Natural Mesh Lashes MadPea - Crazy Jack-in-the-box (The Arcade Gacha item)

Eyelure V Neck Minidress – Small leaves
Little Bones – Eden II (The Secret Affair Gacha item)
Eyelure Natural Mesh Lashes
MadPea – Crazy Jack-in-the-box (The Arcade Gacha item)

First off, there was a cute little Jack-in-the-box from the MadPea Arcade Gacha which played a little tune and then BAM! Out popped the ugliest man I’ve ever seen. He reminded me a little of Mr Bannister, a scary old man who seems to own the Bannister & Shamrock Pub in Second Life.

Madpea - Rosetta Truth Hair - Elyse

MadPea – Rosetta
Truth Hair – Elyse

The MadPea Rosetta is exactly the same as a toy from the 80’s we called Simon, here in the UK. It’s a memory game where the colours flash while UFO type sounds are made and you have to remember the sequence. Simple idea but very addictive!

Madpea Sniffy (dog) Madpea (singers Piano) Madpea Wind-n-Watch Madpea Zerbert 2000 RARE (held by Meri)

MadPea Sniffy (dog)
MadPea (singers Piano)
MadPea Wind-n-Watch
MadPea Zerbert 2000 RARE (held by Meri)

Once those two toys had been rediscovered, I dived deep into childhood memories with Sniffy the MadPea wind up dog who barks and jumps and stands on his hind-legs, all with a cute clockwork sound. I love him now, but when I was two and got one for Christmas, I cried and cried. The Wind-n-Watch is just like the old Fisher Price two tune TV, the scene winds along the screen and it plays a sweet song. The MadPea Singers Piano is so much fun… the little plastic heads open their mouths and ‘sing’ when you hit a note on the keyboard; but my favourite of all these retro-kick toys was the MadPea Zerbert 2000 (a rare prize on the Arcade Gacha machine this month) and it’s just because he is so very cute. You press the buttons on his tummy and his screen has different faces and images, his little arms move. He’s just adorable.

Madpea Thunder Chord Guitar and Stand (guitar can also appear on stand)

MadPea Thunder Chord Guitar and Stand (guitar can also appear on stand)

You know, in RL I took guitar lessons for two years – classical – and in all that time, pretty much failed to learn anything useful or tuneful. I guess the traditional guitar is not for me. The MadPea Thunder Chord Guitar (and Stand) are perhaps more up my alley with in-built poses (of which this is not one) and sounds when you press the buttons.

Madpea Toy Phone (Red) plus HUD to call someone

MadPea Toy Phone (Red) plus HUD to call someone

The MadPea Toy Phone is a sweet little gadget – you get a pair of phones and so can use it to ‘call’ a friend in the same sim with a message up to 256 characters. Kerazy baby. I had just put the guitar back on the stand when the phone went and it was Thom, wanting to know what I was wearing. The cheek of it! You can be sure I put him in his place right away.

Eyelure Natural Mesh Lashes

Eyelure Natural Mesh Lashes

deeR indra heels

deeR indra heels

After playtime, Meri felt pretty whacked out honestly. But a social life in SL cannot be ignored, and it was Friday, so she got ready to go out and hear Iain Lordhunter play at the Bannister – it was a good night! If you want to have a play with the super items from MadPea, you better get a shift on. They are available only at The Arcade Gacha Event until the 30th September. The Eyelure V Neck Minidress and Eyelure lashes are just so sweet – very reasonably priced too! And the Little Bones hair was a gift from my friend Suki – thank you gorgeous! The deeR Indra heels are out of this world! The HUD, as always with deeR products, allows you a staggering range of textures, colours, styles and metal options. It’s like 30 pairs of shoes in one. Of course, you can’t walk in them, which is why I’m sitting down in most shots!


Eyelure V Neck Minidress – Small leaves (Eyelure Mainstore : Eyelure Marketplace)
Eyelure Natural Mesh Lashes (Eyelure Mainstore : Eyelure Marketplace)

Little Bones – Eden II (The Secret Affair Gacha item – til Sept 29th)
Truth Hair – Elyse (Truth Marketplace)

deeR indra heels with HUD (deeR Mainstore : deeR Marketplace)

All the following MadPea items are available from The Arcade Gacha Event for September (tp to The Arcade)

MadPea – Rosetta (Simon)
MadPea – Crazy Jack-in-the-box
MadPea Thunder Chord Guitar and Stand
MadPea Sniffy (dog)
MadPea (singers Piano)
MadPea Wind-n-Watch
MadPea Zerbert 2000 RARE
MadPea Toy Phone (Red) plus HUD to call someone

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