The Mesh Body Reviews – Belleza vs Mesh Project vs Wowmeh (naked) – Updated

3 December 2014 Edit: A press release has been issued by Belleza regarding the Belleza Venus Mesh body. It is subject to a DCMA which Belleza are actively defending. Read more about it here.

8 November 2014 Edit: The vast majority of the points made in this blog remain relevant and current, however, due to an update on the Belleza Venus Mesh Body as of the 6th November 2014, a follow up review is now available on that. I suggest you read this first and then go on to read the Belleza Body Update Review blog.

21st September 2014: Original Review of Mesh Bodies in Secondlife – Belleza Venus, The Mesh Project body and Wowmeh

Let me begin by saying that I realise these three mesh bodies are far from all the mesh bodies available in SL. I have, no doubt, not tried them all. In fact, I have only tried one aside from these three and I didn’t feel it was for me, so didn’t buy the full product – that was the Slink body.

Equally, I’m going to follow that up by acknowledging that any honest reviewing of any kind seems to be frowned upon by some creators and supporters. My aim here is not to disparage any product or vendor, but to lay out the pros and cons of my experience to assist others in their purchasing decisions. I’m sure that any creator would rather a well-informed customer purchased their product and got exactly what they expected to get for their lindens, rather than be on the receiving end of a ton of notecards.

Third of my precursors is that I should let you know I have purchased all these products and have not received any as a review copy. And finally, none of the pictures are glamorous (well, you can see that) or edited at all. Pure snapshots. You can click on each to see a full resolution image.

So, with all those things in mind, I shall bring on the full and frank photographs and comments on each!

The Belleza Mesh Body (released today, 21st September, cost 3995l$)

The Belleza Mesh Body one piece - ie. the feet and hands are part of the whole body
The Belleza Mesh Body one piece – ie. the feet and hands are part of the whole body

Having spent an hour or so with this body today, I can affirm that the Belleza one piece mesh body is the best part of the package. Of course, with the feet and hands being part of the body, it is essentially flawless. However, flawless in this instance does not mean to imply the system is without fault.

Belleza Body with Slink Hands (wrist close up)
Belleza Body with Slink Hands (wrist close up)

The main reason I was at the Belleza store at 9.30am with a freshly uploaded batch of lindens is that I believed it to be completely compatible with Slink hands and feet. The package, therefore, comes with two options. The one piece shown in the first photograph and the body for you to add your Slink hands and feet to.

The Slink hands fit reasonably well when you follow the instructions in the notecard and set your torso muscle to 50, as in the above photograph. However, for my shape, this is far too muscley in the arm area, as shown in the picture below.

Belleza two piece arm width
Belleza Mesh Body with torso muscle settings as recommended for Slink Hands to fit

I think 50 is too high bluntly. I normally have my torso muscle between 30 and 35. In addition, and I’m only mentioning it at this point because you can see the breasts most clearly in this picture, there is a cleavage option within the HUD which literally pushes your boobs together, rather than using the alternative shading method used by most. I was pleased with this idea until *dun dun dun* I attempted to use it under clothing (surely this is the only reason you would use it?) It simply does not work under mesh clothing at all, even if I put the breast size on 0, they stuck through a size M shirt (I’m normally an S or XS in mesh). I reverted to non-cleavage boobs and the top fitted instantly.

Belleza body with slink feet close up
Belleza body with slink feet close up

The fitting of the Slink feet onto the Belleza body was a real disappointment. I set the leg muscle to 50, as instructed and used the applier HUD given to match the feet to the skin in the HUD, but as you can see, it’s far from a flush fit. At this, I used the Slink size L feet too!

Belleza Alpha page of  HUD
Belleza Alpha page of HUD

Now onto another major issue for me. The alpha HUD is not practical for clothes wearing. I noted the lack of a diagonal line across the breasts (no V-necks). No half line across the breasts (no balcony bras, corsets, low cut tops).  A huge section around the collarbone which will make lining it up to most tops a pain. And perhaps most frustrating of all, very limited sections across the lower back, buttocks and top of the legs. Fitting jeans to mesh bodies can be a nightmare with the best of alpha options, and this is not it!

Also, when you click on one arm section, or one leg section, it automatically blanks out it’s opposite number on the other limb. What about one-sleeve tops, dresses with an asymmetrical hem? No chance.

My other minor complaints are that I think the legs are slightly oddly shaped around the knee (retaining a bit of water?) and the nipples look a bit plasticky.

From what I can find, there is no reset button either, so when you have been wearing something with various areas alpha’d out (which can be fiddly to select and deselect) you have to click on each one to make the area show again. I’m sure that would be a simple thing to remedy. EDIT: This point is mooted by the fact you can simply click on ‘arms’ ‘legs’ ‘torso’ etc. which alternates between making that area fully visible or fully invisible. Nifty! I simply hadn’t spent enough time playing with it.

Good things about the Belleza Mesh Body:

The skins included are lovely, as you would expect. I found one that basically matched my current skin without much of a problem and the only area where this is apparent is high up on the neck under my chin. When I sent my feedback to Belleza, I suggested perhaps a tattoo layer blender system for the HUD skins.

The undercarriage (you know where I mean) is a little more detailed than the other bodies on the included skins.

There are loads of hand positions in the HUD for the included hands! This is a huge bonus. The included feet are nice too. I have to admit, I love wearing it as a one piece. I wanted the Slink compatibility to make my HUGE collection of Slink shoes future proof, but I might have to get used to buying packs where they offer Slink/TMP/Belleza options in each pack. (So far I’ve found options at Hucci, JD and L.Warwick)

Finally, clothes seem to sit properly on the mesh. I’m sure you’re thinking ‘but of course they do!’ but if you read on, you’ll see this is not to be taken for granted.

The Wowmeh Mesh Body (Not currently for sale, purchased for under 1000l$)

Wowmeh Mesh body with add on Wowmeh hands and feet
Wowmeh Mesh body with add on Wowmeh hands and feet

The Wowmeh Mesh Body was brought out by its creator, who released it cheap and increased the price as the product improved, issuing updates to those people who had already bought it. I liked this attitude very much and so rushed to buy my Wowmeh when I caught on (I think I paid 900l$ but can’t swear to it, starting price was about 350l$) in the hopes it would continue to improve at a galloping rate. Due to a dispute, it has been removed from sale for the time being and I don’t know any more information than that at the moment.

However, its inclusion here is for a good reason, some things are very good about it!

Wowmeh hands with join
Wowmeh body with Wowmeh add on hands

The Wowmeh hands are what I would call adequate, they are bearable from a distance but the nails need work imho. The fit is good, of course, as they were made for purpose. As an aside, and as you can see in the above picture, I love the Wowmeh nipples. They are probably my favourite of all the mesh bodies.

The Wowmeh feet with the Wowmeh body
The Wowmeh feet with the Wowmeh body

The Wowmeh feet are a bit of a mess, bluntly and I wouldn’t wear them. However, this is worn with an applier for body, hands and feet from a decent skin maker, so who knows eh? Slink shoes of course do not fit Wowmeh feet.

Wowmeh body with Slink Hands
Wowmeh body with Slink Hands

As you can see, the Slink hands do not fit well with the Wowmeh body, but it’s not so dire that you cannot get away with it in the updated version I received most recently. A bracelet or two camouflages the lower area of concern.

Wowmeh body with Slink feet
Wowmeh body with Slink feet

The Wowmeh body with Slink feet isn’t too horrendous from a normal camming distance. If you cam in, you can see the glitches, even with a decent applier for each.

Wowmeh HUD - Alpha Tab
Wowmeh HUD – Alpha Tab

The Alpha HUD requires more detailed sections, fairly obviously, but the HUD itself is simple to operate. Other oddments of note are:
Boobs are rigged so ‘high’ (reach for the sky bish!) I tend to have to have gravity on max.
Skin shown is an applier, not provided with the body itself
Skins within the HUD were okay… but not amazing I thought, a bit dull. I guess more appliers would have become available if it had continued for sale.
Clothing and tattoo appliers are simple, you just add them as you get the HUD from the designer and choose what layer (skinny or loose) they apply to.

Good things about the Wowmeh Mesh Body:

Price, when it was available, was reasonable and realistic, as it was recognised to be a work in progress.
The HUD is neat and simple.
Fitted mesh clothes are more likely to work on this body than others I have tried.
Communications from the designer were good.
The back view is nice and the nipple texture, colours and shape is realistic.

The Mesh Project Mesh Body (Various different versions available from free to deluxe. This is the deluxe, currently for sale for 5000l$, I paid 2500l$)

The Mesh Project Body  Deluxe with TMP Hands and Feet (supplied)
The Mesh Project Body Deluxe with TMP Hands and Feet (supplied)

The Mesh Project body comes with hands and feet, and the feet change height via HUD to five levels: Flat, Low, Medium, High and Ouch. Shoes made for TMP feet will have these categories and you change the foot height via the Style Me HUD. The Body also comes with hands in various poses in the package.

The Mesh Project Body with Slink Hands and Feet
The Mesh Project Body with Slink Hands and Feet

As you can see clearly in the above picture, no attempt has been made to rig the body to work with Slink hands and feet. I’ve not even had to do close ups of this one, they are just miles apart and therefore, unwearable.

The Mesh Project hands close up
The Mesh Project hands close up

The Mesh Project’s hands are perfectly adequate. However (and I hope this is just me and someone leaves me a comment enlightening me) I can’t seem to find a way to adjust nail polish colour, or to apply nail polish to the hands. The fit with the body is just about perfect.

TMP with feet
The Mesh Project Body with TMP feet

The TMP feet are fine also, quite cute. As said previously, they adjust to different heights via the HUD. They fit perfectly to the body itself. I have no criticisms of the product, I am just very very sad that my lovely big collection of Slink shoes aren’t compatible with this body, essentially. End of. (Oh please don’t let that be end of, let the creator issue an update!!!)

The Mesh Project Alpha HUD
The Mesh Project Alpha HUD

By a country mile, this is the best of the alpha HUDs for mesh bodies. It allows me to adapt the body to wear almost anything. In a perfect world, I’d love to have even more choices around the chest, underarms and shoulders. I so would 🙂

So by now, you must be thinking, she has almost no criticisms of The Mesh Project’s Mesh body, surely this is the best mesh body out there?

I do sadly have some criticisms, so I shall make them here – with a heavy heart (and believe me, I’ve put off reviewing this body for this reason – I didn’t want to criticise it at all), before moving on to summarise the good points, as for the other bodies.

Clothes don’t sit correctly on the upper body. Arms usually poke out of sleeves all the way down the arm, which is a huge glaring error.

As previously mentioned, I can’t figure out how to use nail polishes on the hands or feet at all. None seem to be supplied.

Also previously mentioned, it’s absolutely not compatible with the Slink hands and feet, which have pretty much established themselves as the mesh hands and feet to buy in SL. That can’t be sensible from TMP’s point of view.

The Mesh Project body's Style Me HUD
The Mesh Project body’s Style Me HUD

But perhaps worst of all is this… I had some issues with their Style Me HUD system incl. the TMP feet remaining stubbornly uncoloured (white) despite repeated button mashing, moving sims, unboxing new copies etc., etc. Customer Service was unbelievably bad. I have complained multiple times. By IM to their support avatar several times and on their Facebook page more than once and finally once via notecard to the creator – all over the course of weeks and have received absolutely NO assistance.

This may be viewed as an oversight, if it weren’t for the fact that their systems for purchasing an item are all overcomplicated (You have to visit this bizarre white unearthly place with posters floating around, wear a shopping HUD, click on other posters indicating category of purchase – like body, add-ons, clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery –  in other areas, view the items all over your screen via the Shopping HUD – blocking out everything else. Then you find you can’t simply buy the items, you have to buy credit from a gold thing on the floor (not clearly indicated) in order to purchase anything. Also, you have to buy credit in multiples of 250l$. Then, once you have credited your account with funds, you can buy the items). And that is where the fun just begins!

Once you have bought an applier based item from ‘The Shops’ or ‘The Boutique’ the option appears in your Style Me HUD (yes another hud aside from your shopping HUD and your alpha HUD – I only have a 14″ laptop and so by now, I can’t see my avatar). The preview of the clothing, skin or tattoo item appears in a teeny tiny little window, however, so it’s sometimes hard to figure out what is what. It’s a lot of HUD for such a tiny preview.

Anything you buy in the way of tattoos, applier clothes, skins etc. from other creators comes in HUD form, as for many mesh body add-ons, but the result ends up in your Style Me HUD too. Have you ever tried to figure out which is the dark, medium and light version of a tattoo from a 2cm circle image? Well, it’s trial and error, I can tell you.

I don’t buy many applier based items, but I do buy mesh items, which you can also buy from TMP. So that must be simple, right? Well no, that’s not simple either. You use the same shopping based system as above, you get a blank white mesh item that you wear and buy the textures for. Any cheapskates thinking they can go around all dressed in white however, will be in for a rude shock. You get a whirly thing around the item until you buy and apply a relevant texture which – you guessed it – appears only in your Style Me HUD. Phew!

There is a very limited range of specialised mesh clothing, however, which was a disappointment. I’d have loved to splash out on a few nice pairs of jeans, some decent dresses, but there only seem to be basically one A-line skirt (they do different textures but it’s the same shape), some shorts and a few summer tops and a limited range of shoes. Additionally, the mesh items for sale are expensive – in my opinion – too expensive.

There are no quick shopping trips to this place, and no quick changes of outfit either. It’s a good job that I can usually get away with wearing ‘normal’ clothes with the TMP body.

Good things about The Mesh Project Mesh body:

It’s just very beautiful. I do like how it looks a lot. It somehow softens each body dimension in a way that makes you feel womanly and feminine. Thom also loves it (but he hasn’t seen the Belleza yet – he also loved Wowmeh’s nipples. Gosh I hope he doesn’t mind me quoting him on this!)

The boob shape is just lovely, they look the most natural of any of these bodies (and look so natural when you put modest body physics on too!)

The skins provided on the HUD are really nice and there are appliers out there for this body in many of the good skin stores in SL. (Skin shown is an applier and not provided with the body, but I assure you, they’re just as nice).

The hands and feet provided are nice and a seamless fit.

The butt is awesome! I know I haven’t really shown a full back view, but you will not be disappointed in that.

The mesh clothes I’ve purchased from ‘The Boutique’ specifically for The Mesh Project Mesh body fit beautifully and adapt to suit your body shape – including fat, butt, boobs, etc. Flawless. There are also some cute variations you can get for free, like different texture drop pockets for your denim shorts.


In summary, I’m not here to publicly choose my favourite of the three. I think all three have excellent features which are particular to that brand. Do I wish I could combine all the best bits? Oh yes, for sure. I’m very interested to see who will keep developing it, receiving feedback and providing existing customers with updates – and I, in turn, will keep you updated.

I hope my honesty has helped you with your decision on mesh bodies in SL. I’d like to say well done to all the creators who work had to innovate and give us what we want. I love my bodies!

I have, in case you were wondering, provided feedback directly to each of the brands and haven’t had a response yet (although in Belleza’s case, they won’t have had time – I’ll let you know if I hear anything).

Please let me have your comments and thoughts on your own experiences, I’d love to hear them.


Addendum: Since original publishing I have had a thank you for my feedback from Belleza, saying they appreciate it, so that’s very nice. I’ve also checked out, as per Luci’s comment, if Slink shoes do fit the Belleza one-piece mesh body feet and they don’t, I’m afraid. If they did, I guess it’d be daft to make a Slink compatible version.


Update! 23rd Sept – Those good folks at The Mesh Project sent a nice IM inworld saying thanks for the review and say they wish to get to the bottom of any issues with getting customer service. They asked for specifics which I’ve given, of course, and they also said very interestingly that some shoes made for Slink Medium feet (unrigged) might fit their provided feet. Ooh. I shall be trying that! I’m guessing the unrigged bit might be because they’d need moving up or down a little.

93 thoughts on “The Mesh Body Reviews – Belleza vs Mesh Project vs Wowmeh (naked) – Updated

  1. What a lovely and honest review on the bodies from you! I myself only have Wowmeh and the free The Shops body. Personally I never ever had problems with matching my slink feet and hands to the body. It all worked flawlessly with minimal adjustments. Sad though that the Slink stuff is kinda a must have these days, since I dont support Slink anymore at all. Without them Wowmeh would still be there. But let’s leave this aside for now.
    Im glad Belleza made a really good body and you are right with the arms, they really are too muscley for me as well. I know that there will be another body coming out with shoes (for JD feet in black and white) and lingerie included, also another extra body if you wear slink parts. It will be a curvy option.
    I was wondering a little about the price, you wrote 3500 but its 3995L, which in my opinion is way way way way too expensive. Its 20 Dollars! I just mention it because I see it coming people complain when the curvy body comes out and they need to buy it too because they “didn’t know” about it beforehand. It would have been smarter by Belleza to release them together. Also Slink will start a drama for sure because the shoes fit the Belleza body.

    If my reply seemed a little too mean I apologise. I just really don’t like Slink since that incident with Wowmeh.
    But I think you know I try not to be rude ❤
    I enjoyed reading your review, thank you for sharing!


    1. I love the reviews, I have the wowmeh and the Belleza Venus body and I love them both. The wowmeh and the Belleza have a more feminine look than the slink body; which is more squared at the hips. Wowmeh set the standard and Belleza continues the fight by bringing us hands that look amazing, feet that we don’t have to change ( the body also looks great with N-core shoes)… yes I’m a N-core girl and the slink body only seems to work with its own feet, which I’m not fond of at all. I would like a demo of the The Shops mesh body but I can’t get a demo, the only one is the free one (can’t be adjusted as much) but that doesn’t help when you want to see how it looks before purchasing.

      I know there is another mesh body ( Maitreya ) almost ready for release, so I will get demo and maybe it will be just as AWESOME as the Wowmeh and the Belleza Venus.

      Keep doing those reviews!!!

      ~ Chy ~

  2. I love your reply Luci, lots in there I didn’t know about at all. Thanks for taking the time. I had no idea the Slink shoes fit the Belleza body!!! I will deffo check that out. I’m so sorry about the price of the Belleza too, you’re right, it is 3995l$ and I only bought it this morning. I will edit that in the main post to suit. I don’t know anything about the Wowmeh/Slink think but I really hope that the creator is able to continue with Wowmeh soon, I think it showed a lot of promise. The non-curvy version I got today has the JD shoes and lingerie options, as well as the slink compatible option (but I didn’t think that was so easy to make seamless) but I agree about the curvy body. That was something I forgot to mention about the Wowmeh, the insize and outsize versions being sold as part of the same package. I was impressed by that.

    You managed to match your Slink hands to your Wowmeh body flawlessly? I’m darned impressed by that too. Maybe I need to just try harder 😀
    Thanks again 😀

    1. Yesh! ❤ As good as I could anyways. The newer Wowmeh version worked way better with it! But sadly Wowmeh is gone. She got DMCA'd twice which had destroyed all her work she had done. Wish Slink wouldn't be so unable to deal with competition. Their only way to deal with things is to throw their dirty money around and file DMCA's on things that bugs them or where they see competition. And Wowmeh really was. It made me extremely sad. And cool didnt know the Classic version has the shoes and stuff in it too. But yes!! The Slink shoes fit the body 😀 Thats why there is high, mid and flat (and JD for their shoes, but they worked together as far as I know).

      1. Awesome, honest review of the bodies! Very well written.
        hmm…do you have proof that Slink filed DCMA’s on Wowmeh?? I didn’t think so. You should get your facts straight before you go dragging a highly talented designer and honestly amazing person’s name through the sewer as you have done here. I apologize Readmeri for doing this on your review, but it had to be said.

      2. From Wikipedia:

        Defamation is the communication of a false statement that harms the reputation of an individual, business, product, group, government, religion, or nation.
        It is usually regarded as irrational unprovoked criticism which has little or no factual basis and can be compared to hate speech.

        You’re here, bellowing about how SLink ruined Wowmeh’s business, and bragging about boycotting them based on your enormous, baseless assumptions. Maybe you read someone else’s ideas and decided they were right, or perhaps it’s something you sherlock’d up for yourself, but just ‘deciding’ that it’s got to be SLink (or anyone else for that matter!) doesn’t make it a fact.

        The fact is, we DON’T know who filed the DCMA against Wowmeh. So spouting off about how it “was SLink” just because you think it must be… Best case scenario, you just look silly. Worst case scenario, you help to perpetuate a rumour which is not only potentially hurtful to someone innocent, but also detrimental to their business and livelihood, too, making you no better than the person who filed Wowmeh’s DCMA.

    2. I am a shoe creator for both Slink and Belleza, I can tell you that the Slink feet and Belleza feet are very different from each other and the Slink shoes DO NOT fit the Belleza body. Unless of course they are unrigged, but saying that unrigged shoes will fit any body if you can modify them. Any rigged shoes need to be heavily modified and re-weighted…

      Also, Luci. You need to get your facts right before you start making false accusations and claims in regards to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

      1. Edit to my comment: Sorry, had that wrong. TheMeshProject feet do change size with the foot size slider (as do the TMP hands), but with Belleza the feet do not change, only the hands…

  3. Don’t listen to her please, Slink is not the reason Wowmeh is gone. I usually stay silent but it’s very frustrating to see Siddean dragged through the mud like this when she never, ever did anything to that creator. If you are going to make such accusations Lucille you better have facts to back it up.

  4. So I am curious… Do you know for a fact that there is an exact fit to high, mid, and low? Cause there are differences. I manage the L.Warwick store, and she had to adjust the mesh itself to fit the Belleza feet. Also, Phat Azz, Wowmeh, Ghetto Booty ALL OF THEM used the default mesh avatar to make their bodies/body parts. This is the reason why they were DMCA’d, it’s not because of jealousy or anything like that, it’s all because of the lack of knowledge of the TOS by certain designers. Really need to do your homework in order to claim such things, I would be careful if I were you…

    1. But other mesh parts and bodies also use the default SL avatar and UV maps… and no one went after them… no one knows who and why DCMA’d them simply because they didn’t bother counterfilling. You’re just speculating just like everyone else 😉

  5. And then @lucilleobscuris woke up from whatever delusional day dream she was in. Ghetto and Luck both announced [banned] as the one who DMCAed them, and wowmeh never countered. Back to your bridge, troll.

  6. Siddean Munro did not file a DMCA on Wowmeh and it’s a libel to assert she did. Not only do you have no proof, but it is ludicrous to think she did. Wowmeh came out before the Slink body. I am not going to speculate who did it, but I would assume that it was someone who had a mesh body contemporaneous with Wowmeh.

  7. Hey everybody! Seems like while I slept my blog exploded.

    Thank you for all the comments. I equally hope you all enjoyed the post reviewing the bodies I tried. I’d like to make clear to everyone that I have no theories on DCMA’ing and I have never, on this blog or through any other medium,speculated on it.

    The comments of any individual remain their own, and their inclusion on this blog does not imply my approval or acceptance.

  8. Would like to see *KL* Lena or her other one reviewed. Yes these seem to be the latest and or the greatest but there are others on mp. Other than mp reviews there doesn’t seem to be much else on it. With all the pricing, I’m personally, reluctant to to trial and error in buying. Demos not always being fully functional or functional to judge. Btw, appreciate your post very much

    1. Thanks for your comment Mercy. I too am very curious to see some detailed review on the other mesh bodies available. I’m just far too skint now to buy any of them, haha! If I do, I will definitely do a full write up for you 🙂

  9. To add nailpolish to the hands and feed on the mesh project body you need to purchase nail polish from The Shops store. I haven’t been able to find any anywhere else, YET. Then, while in style hud, click the hands and feet along the bottom. Right under the skin tone bubble here is a nail polish bottle. When you click that you see all purchased and installed nail polishes. I dunno if anyone else commented on this, I quickly scanned down as the dcma drama had my head spinning. Hope this helped. ❤

  10. The nail polish answer is, you have to buy individual colors/textures from TMP store and when it gets added to your hud, then you can adjust polish color. Mo’ money babay! Hope that helped.

  11. someone may have told you already Cali as I did not read all the responses but besides lipstick and eye shadows and such you also buy nail polish’s for those hands. I loved the body as well have it some skins the mesh head and a ton of makeup options a gazillion lindens on a product I will rarely use because I can’t wear my (also gazillion Lindens) slink shoes. Very nice review, and here is to hoping someone reads it that can put all the best of everything into one..until then I am passing on all mesh body parts…ok cept maybe ears eyes,noses but you know what I mean lol

  12. shame you didn’t review the slink, I have to say it’s the only one that of course is a perfect fit with slink hands and feet. But it’s a slimody, like mine, i know it doesn’t look as good on everyone. I have a hunch, and just that, that Slink will be making more bodies, as they do hands and feet and heads. I agree though that wowmeh so far has been the best of the bunch I’ve seen. After the creator got her account hacked, I heard they stole all her money, right after releasing the updated body after being shut down and starting back up – she just threw her hands up and quit back in august. I am still hoping she will change her mind. She was very very close to making everyone happy.

    1. Hiya Grizel. Yeah I agree. It seems sad that I didn’t have the Slink body to do too. I think it was a timing issue partially. I had the Wowmeh first and then when that hit problems, I wanted to get another and did demos of the Slink and The Mesh Project and chose TMP because I liked the breasts best. I’m definitely aware that having a Slink body would solve all the attachment issues of hands and feet and multitudes of shoes that need wearing 😀 I guess time will tell if we all manage to find a firm favourite and stick with it. Until then I will continue to haemorrhage money, haha.

  13. We have circled the sLink/Wowmeh mountain long enough, neh? The only people who know for sure who filed the DCMA would be – the people who filed it and LL.
    We have circled that mountain long enough.

    Readmeri . . this is a very informative review and I thank you. Personally I will wait a bit, read review, try the demo’s . . and when there are more to choose from I will decide when – and if – I need one. I appreciate your honesty and thoroughness . . will you keep this up and review more of them?

    Thanks again 🙂

    1. Probably Ayla, although, as I said, so far I haven’t asked to blog for any of the mesh body designers as I wanted to feel impartial. So, I can’t promise I will buy all of them, but knowing me, Belleza won’t be my last 🙂

  14. Thank you for this review. I’ve been going nuts over this recently as I’ve been thinking of going down this route.

    TMP body seems to be the one to go with. I noticed in testing it that the feet are fitted mesh. Not sure about the hands – forgot to test that. If you change your foot size shape dial, the TMP feet change size.

    My biggest problem in just jumping right in is I cannot find skins for TMP… everyone is making appliers for Slink’s mesh body, but I don’t like the bosom shape of that one – it looks weird underneath to my eyes. Shops all have Slink or wowmeh, despite wowmeh being discontinued – and I’ve begun to wonder if merchants are actively avoiding TMP for some reason I don’t know about.

    That said, I’d love to see a review that also included the Slink one, and maybe the Lena Perky – a review that broke it down in the level of detail you have (hint. 🙂 ).

    1. Haha thank you so much for reading it Pussycat. It really is a workout for the brain, isn’t it, trying to decide which one to settle upon. I guess the good thing about TMP’s body is that for a while, I didn’t care about buying a skin applier, the included skins were that lovely. It was easy to match to skins I already had and they provided a neck blender on tattoo layer (presumably they still do!). I think I’m going to start a ‘Fund Meri to buy bodies’ cash donation box though haha. 🙂

      1. It’d be nice if the Belleza one had a neck blender… Belleza’s included skins are nice, and the darkest one comes just a hairline shade away from the skin my alt uses. Though I have a ‘gap seam’ on the neck with belleza that is similar to what you showed on the foot.

        TMP’s issue with shirts in the arms… I had thought that was just a few bad clothing items I tried with it, since my alt has a very small out of date wardrobe… I’m going to have to go get a copy of it with this avatar now to see.

        If you set foot size on TMP to about 50 (+/- a little bit) you can match the size of the slink feet. At this point, only the ‘vertical distance’ is off a tiny bit from slink, so an unrigged mesh show could be repositioned.

        As an addon, TMP sells 3 additional foot positions for higher and higher heeled shoes.

        It really does feel right now like each of these choices has about 70-80% right, and another choice has that remaining 20%, but then misses 20% somewhere else…

        TMP’s website has a huge list of supporting designers, I’ve been going through that list in reverse order and I’ve found only 1 in 10 shops even mention TMP. When they do the item they have is often for a different category than what TMP put them in… and only 1 that I’ve been to so far had skins (sinful curves I think) – and those skins were amazingly good quality but ended 1 shade lighter than what I’m seeking (though they looked so good on TMP, that I’m likely going to change one of my alts to match).

        I have landed in 2 or 3 places with “our TMP is coming soon” notes hidden or obvious somewhere.

        TMP should monitor its designer list more to ensure the people on there actually are selling goods for them.

        I’m going to be watching Belleza for an update though… they’re close to what I want. Slink too – but the issue I have with the slink body is the kind I think the designer intended (I messed with it last night again, and I could not get a bosom size above 58 or so without it looking weird to my eyes, but below this is has a certain shape – so I think this is intentional).

    2. I can actually answer that question… The restrictions on the application page for TMP are ridiculous. If you agree to make things only to fit their mesh you get all sorts of perks. If you make special edition items only fitting their mesh you get slightly less perks. If you just want to be able to add TMP to the items you already make, you get jack.
      I applied over a month ago and have received zip, several IMs and note cards to the creator have gone unanswered..
      Slink, same day approval and applier package sent.
      Belleza doesn’t have appliers yet, nor do they have a way to apply for them. Yet. Seems a bit silly to me. Make a great mesh body and have no clothing to fit it…

  15. Bahaha, I’m glad I’m not the only one totally weirded out by TMP’s purchasing system. I wanted so badly to check it out, but it’s overcomplicated and I wish they didn’t nickel-and-dime.

    1. I’ve heard such great things about the TMP from various people, not just this reviewer, but the purchasing system is a deal-breaker.

  16. A Very good and seems fair review I haven’t tried the Belleza mesh body but will, i did
    thy the Slink one didn’t like it at all to me the skin texture is not good and line on the neck
    is very visible and a gap on the hands i maybe doing something wrong .
    I have The Mesh Project free body and i like it a lot was able to match the skin tone to my head with no problem but the feet eeek omg thy shin bone sticks out to much but
    found if you re size the feet to about 38 thy do look much better.
    Still haven’t decided what to go far in the full body the Basic are the deluxe its not very
    clear what you get in the Alphas ,like do you just get a basic alpha in the basic model or
    the same that’s in the deluxe any help on this would be great, as you said Readmeri
    customer service is non existent and is confusing how to buy items clothes are very expensive like almost 800 lindens just for a top and skirt , but just wanted something else to wear than the free dress you get.
    I did manage find a top and shorts from Meli Imako that fits with a bit of tweaking .

    but all in all a very good review Readmeri i think you have helped me to make up my mind.
    keep up the good work and look forward to more reviews from you .

    1. Hey Junie, thanks for your comment, glad you liked the reviews. About TMP bodies, I think with the basic you get an alpha hud just like the one shown in my post, which is very good and I find it allows me to wear lots of different types of mesh clothes. In the deluxe pack you also get 5 different cleavage shading options and 5 different heights of feet, also various different hands in assorted poses. I’m also enjoying the more time I spend with the Belleza body too… the all in one body is so pretty. I hope they update the alpha hud soon to have more options for fitting clothes.

  17. Thank you for this very extensive very helpful review Meri. I currently own the WowMeh, TMP and a couple of anime mesh avatars. I was very curious about the Belleza body and the information you provided was very helpful. I’ll have to go try those demos. Price does seem to be a greatly varied thing among the bodies. It’s sad that Linden Labs has not updated their default system avatar to make it more smooth but it is a blessing that we have such great creators who can provide us all with what we want.

  18. Hi Pretty, I heard about that one too. I suspect there will be some really great ones coming out now that the competition is established. I can’t wait. Thanks for reading my post 😀

  19. I liked the review too! I tried demo’s of the Belleza, and TMP. I ended up buying the Belleza since I’ve been a long time user of their skins. To me, the one piece body sold me on it, and I’ve been a fan of how easy that part of it is to use. I’m really hoping that clothing designers pick up the development kit and we can start dressing ourselves properly soon! Currently I have one outfit that consists of Omega appliers, but I do not consider this a solution to clothing. I’m also someone who HATES changing my shape that I toiled hard hours on to get to the point where I want it, only to see that NO MESH clothing EVER fits! So I’ll wait for designers to get the proper clothing out before I go on a shopping spree.

  20. The big difference between the slink, belleza, and TMP Mesh bodyes is that for TMP you go into a not clear and very very expensive system, i did the big mistake to choose TMP all time i go to buy some necessary accessory ( like eyes ) i feel cheated, the shopping hud is awfull
    Karin Zerundi

  21. Thank you for your review. I have the TMP deluxe body. I match it with a skin and shape that I modify from the creator at the Danika store. With their applier the head matches perfect to the body skin. No need to buy a TMP head. Then you can do whatever you want with your head-hair-eyes-makeup-etc.. On the market place you can find lots of new outfits with more coming on daily that have appliers for this body. Nail polish is available on the market place for the TMP body. Rigged mesh can be adapted to the body relatively easily. I don’t like their inventory system and their alpha hud could offer even more, smaller sections to fine tune the non-applier mesh outfits. For some reason there are glitches when I change from outfit to another. For example, all of the clothing from the prior outfit might not be removed from the body, or the alpha sections from the prior outfit might still be in affect. Also, the 2 tattoo and clothing layers are rather hit and miss in how they work. Hopefully, they will sort these issues out in a future update. But, the look is fabulous and there is no going back for me…smiles!

    1. Happy to hear you’re happy with your mesh body. I must admit, on days when I am forced to go ‘au naturel’ I feel almost naked without it. Thanks for commenting x

  22. Very nice review. Besides my Slink feet not perfectly aligning, I’m still fairly happy with my Wowmeh insize body. I’m going to consider TMP body now though, after reading the pro’s mentioned here. Although the main factor that would determine if it’s for me, would be knowing that it is completely user modifiable. If I’m going to spend this much money on a body, I want to be able to reduce the layers, if I want (by unlinking them) and be able to add my own png textures -using the ‘alpha mask’ option. It’s just so convenient when creating an outfit, being able to modify the body when the need arises and then save that copy for later use with that outfit.
    As of lately, I’ve currently had my eye on the Lena Perky body which I know is user modifiable. Another body that I noticed yesterday, while browsing marketplace, is the Eve body.. don’t know much about it yet.

  23. I have the very first wowmeh body that was put out years ago and had bought the newly revised one that is currently seen as soon as it came out because I loved how it looked when ‘plumped’ up. TMP is nice too but way too expensive, as is Belleza. Another good body out there is Lena Lush’s, both the standard and the perky. The maternity body is nice but it doesn’t have the same amount of fitted mesh areas so it keeps its shape. Its beautifully priced, the hands and feet made for it works great along with slink appliers, though you need Omega Obsession for them to work with it, which is great because joining the group is free and gives you the kits to many of the bodies on the market for a single linden. The only issue I have with Lena’s body is that she should make it fitted below the knee so the calf can expand as well and more alpha layers. Other than that, its my second fav for the plump look

    1. Hi Lacy, I’m not able to provide support for the mesh bodies, but… I’m a bit confused. You know you modify your shape and it changes the mesh project body shape? Maybe I don’t fully understand your issue. Hope you work it out!

      1. Correct, you’re not understanding. With the wowmeh, belleza, Lena and other fitted mesh bodies, I am able to add my own textures by right clicking the body and editing, like one would with any other user modifiable object inworld. Having to rely on a hud for proprietary clothing and simulated alpha masks is ridiculous. In a user created world, this is a leap backward.
        This is not a content creator friendly body replacer.
        My next 2500L is going toward the Avastar plugin.

      2. Ah I see, yeah I did already know about that and trying to let people make an informed choice was the reason for doing the blog. Better luck next time!

  24. Wish you had mentioned The Mesh Project body being no mod. The other bodies you compared it to (belleza & wowmeh) are mod, so when you talked about TMP body being your favorite, i was under the impression it would be. Even though you never mentioned whether it was or not. For the price, it should be. I do agree with you concerning The Shop’s method of sale, they would likely sell even more if they used marketplace. Which would allow for more information about the product to be displayed, including it’s permissions. People are more apt to buy when they know what they’re getting. I feel like I gambled and lost.

    1. I think I went into quite a lot of detail about the HUD system Lacy and when anyone is considering a purchase, I suggest trying a demo before buying to avoid disappointment.

      It was certainly the one I was happiest with in terms of prettiness of body, but I didn’t hold back on the disadvantages either. In my update blog, I hope I’ve cleared up that so far, Belleza is the front runner from my point of view.

      And yes, as someone who has also bought these bodies… I can sympathise with your disappointment if they don’t do what you want.

      As I also said in the blog, I always provide feedback directly to the creators in a notecard, I suggest you do also, it might help with the update!

      1. i did try the free shape first and my first impressions were positive but..
        *smiles* Well, everybody knows that even if the actual product IS mod, the demo won’t be.
        If a creator did “accidentally” set their demo with modify permissions, there would be no reason to purchase the full version.
        It just isn’t documented anywhere, that the body is ‘no modify’.. so it truly was a gamble. As you said.. “Better luck next time!” 🙂

    1. Oh Nina, I’ve been so sorely tempted. I’ve tried the demo on about four times and not purchased it as yet. I seem to have a real addiction to mesh bodies haha. You’ll be first to know when I capitulate – I’m sure it won’t be too long, I’m not famed for my willpower! x

  25. As someone who has the new male TMP deluxe body, i can honestly say i am a bit disappointed. The alpha system doesn’t work well with most mesh clothing. And most male mesh clothing does NOT fit well at all, even fitted mesh. Pants are well below the waist and the alpha will not work as it wont angle at all. They really need to fix this.
    *waiting patiently for the next big name male mesh*

    1. Thanks for your feedback Drake. I’ve had a good look at the TMP men’s mesh body and I think it looks great, however, it seems that it is still subject to the issues with clothing rigging and alpha hud that the women’s body has too. I know they’ve not updated the women’s alpha hud as yet, so maybe that’s still on the cards. But you’re right – it should be good enough to wear clothing with – it costs a lot of lindens.

  26. Thank you for that great review, a lot of fair and good information. Yesterday i visit the TMP store and to be honest, that was the most worst shopping experience ever. I am in SL since 2006 now and i just hate that shop system. It is laggy, complicated, unfriendly bright white burning in your eyes design, bad support. And at last it is most expensive in my eyes. I decided to buy a Maitreya mesh body now and it was easy to buy and match. Just clicked on buy and et voila, Lara was in my inventory. Thats why LL gave us a Click & Buy option. That TMP project is just a money making machine in my honest opinion and to complicated to use daily. I am also a designer / creator for a long time and i will just support classic SL Body, SLINK and Maitreya body in future. That TMP experience was really frustrating to me and i will never visit again. They should overthink, there “Credit System” – unfriendly and laggy HUD system and support. I like to buy physical items in a virtual world too and not just textures and huds. This is just my personal opinion and nothing against TMP project. Just my words and my thinking.

    1. I have the TMP male deluxe, bought a few of their outfits for it which actually fit perfectly, sadly their credit system sucks and i have money left in credit that isn’t enough to buy anything but cant get back.

  27. Great review and thanks so much! I’m pretty frustrated with TMP really really difficult system to shop. And I don’t want to buy credits if I don’t know how much things cost. There’s no prices for the Deluxe and Basic mesh bodies there so what is a person supposed to do? purchase lindens in 250 linden segments, find out it’s not enough and go back and forth ten times to buy more credits? Ridiculous system. I have an applier for my skin that doesn’t work on the Beta body (apparently, although my applier says it loads I can’t see it in the Style Hud). I hate that Style Hud, and hate shopping like that. So, thanks for the reviews and prices…it was so helpful to have that info!

  28. This is a very good review, but could you update it now that TMP has updated their body, HUDs, and added a Male body. I only have TMP bodies, because I heard about their free version & really liked it. My 3 alts (2 female & 1 male) all have the free versions. My main avatar has the Standard version, with which I’m very happy. The latest update includes hands & feet connected to the body, as well as other improvements. The Shops & their credit system are still horrendous, but there are enough other creators for the appliers & fitted mesh clothing that one doesn’t have to buy the over-priced clothing made by The Shops. – These bodies are gorgeous – dressed or nude. The only reasons I don’t wear my Standard one all the time are the amount of scripts in it & the difficulty some viewers have in rendering mesh.

    1. Thanks for reading my review Persephone and you make a very valid point, I’ve not gone back to TMP at all since I got the Belleza and then the Maitreya. I did mention the TMP men’s body at the end of my Belleza vs Maitreya review, but yes, perhaps an updated TMP might be an idea at some point soon. Thanks for the idea. Here’s the second mesh body review if you’re interested in that too…

  29. You mentioned you had an issue with the feet and hands of your TMP body remaining white. What caused that? I’m having that same issue and I’ve updated my graphics card driver, firestorm version etc and it still remains an issue. I spent credit on the deluxe body but can’t wear because of this issue. How did you finally get this corrected?


    1. Hi AriannaJasmine – I know it’s nothing to do with Firestorm or your graphics, although I was told by the TMP team that going to a low lag area might solve it. (It didn’t, I live in a low lag area). I got a redelivery, unboxed, started all over again and that – together with jiggling between their provided skin shades – seemed to (eventually) do the trick. I really hope you get it sorted out. I know it’s a lot of money if you don’t get the use from it.

    2. It’s because you’re wearing more than one torso or other skin at the same time. You need to go into style mode and unwear everything in the torso or relevant area. You might have to unwrear it several times. It actually says UNSTYLE…. then when you put a single skin back on you’ll find you don’t have a white patch. Best Dearest. ( IM me in world if you need help)

  30. Hi out there. I will say,
    that your entry for those mesh bodies are georgeus. I am german reader and I was really stunning about so much written words for a blogpost. Really nice written and did a Lot of Work. Thank you for those awesome, helpful Post. Greetings from germany. Carinter 🙂

  31. Had the most confusing, worst, shopping experience every in SL in 10 years at TMP. And that’s saying something. I just pray that this is not the way of the future for shopping in SL, or newbies aren’t gonna last a day in SL.

    I have to agree customer service was bad. I’m going to add supremely arrogant and supremely sure that they didn’t need to make me happy, now that they had 8k from me in 15 minutes. I was asking some detailed questions about the 5k head I was about to buy that the demos didn’t answer, but the help just kept brushing me off saying try the demos. When I asked to speak to someone else, or the designers, I was told, “customers are not allowed to speak to anyone else, you’ll just have to be satisfied with the demos, we can’t do anything else for you.”

    Well guess what. They didn’t get the additional 5k from me, nor are they ever getting another red linden out of *this* pocket.

    We’ve all seen businesses like this in SL before. Do well, but quickly get arrogant and complacent and forget the main thing: you don’t need someone to purchase things once, you want *repeat* customers over and over again in SL or you will go the way of all the other failed businesses in SL. Given how complicated it is to give them money in the first place, and how rude and arrogant they are, that day when TMP / The Mesh Project bites the dust can’t come too soon for me.

  32. Well written, informative and great! I wish you had blogged Slink though because that is the body I ended up getting after reading blogs like yours, that, and trying on demo’s. I just can’t get past the thunder thigh look which is what I see when I look at all these bodies. There seems to be this arc that I see from the hips to the knees and the thighs look too rounded. The hips are too hippy for me, especially on Maitreya, and there is this gap between the legs that drives me nuts. To each his/her own and i really do mean that, but for me Slink gave me a superior mesh body that still looked like my system av body and that is what I wanted so I went with Slink and I am forever happy.

    1. Thanks Jules! It’s great to have such good feedback on the post. I did try Slink on and it just didn’t suit my shape. Probably for the very reasons you did. My ava is curvy and has rounded hips, thighs and butt (and I could list other things but you get the idea) and I felt Slink didn’t enhance those aspects of my shape. However, I can also see why you like it. I’ve a friend who’s deciding which one to get at the moment and although Maitreya suits me best I’m thinking perhaps Slink will suit her (original not hourglass) as she’s very slender. So… in short, I didn’t blog it ‘cus I didn’t buy it. 😀

      Really glad you’re happy with your Slink Jules, thanks for dropping by x

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