Winter is coming… but don’t worry!

Winter is coming

Winter is coming! You can taste it in the air, feel it on your puckered skin and see it reflected in your bank balance. But I’m here to tell you that you can save money on an expensive new winter wardrobe, by simply wearing what you wore all summer, but adding a hat. Yes, simply pop on a favourite shorts and t-shirt combo and then select a hat – preferably something quirky, perky and inappropriate – and you’ll find that magically, your hat keeps your body heat acceptably snug.

(Note: This is all absolute bunkum, of course. It has been proven that wearing a hat does not compensate for a lack of clothes elsewhere and can only assist your body in keeping warm when you are snug as a bug in a rug all over. My use of this old wives tale is simply to facilitate me wearing a lightweight outfit with a hat for cute fashion purposes. M. x)

Meri wears:

Eyelure T-shirt Turq Stripe (Eyelure Mainstore : Eyelure Marketplace)
AsHMOoT_SS Coll Vanessa Hot Pants (OMG Room)
Celoe Mademoiselle Hat (Holidays gift from Celoe)
NIAN Nerdglasses – Chess (NIAN Design Marketplace)
Little Bones Hair – Girl (No.21 Event)


The Eyelure t-shirts are so cute, fitted really well. I’m wearing the Wowmeh mesh body here as it fits well with the tshirt and shorts, where other bodies stuck through in ways I couldn’t alpha out (I’m saying this because of all the mesh body talk going on right now). The shorts were a bargain for only 99l$ and I thought the cute autumnal colours would come in useful this time of year and the hat is so cute (and yet so old) but I couldn’t resist popping it on anyway. Sorry if you can’t get your hands on one. It has wee feathers on too! Aww!

What do you think?

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