The wrong place at the wrong time

wrong place wrong time

If you’re someone who is habitually in the wrong place at the wrong time, you’ll be able to sympathise with my (retrospectively bad) decision to stand by this sign while waiting for a friend. You can chalk it up to bad luck, an inability to foresee the consequences of innocent actions or total doof-ishness, but whatever you call it, it’s a pain in the ass. In this case, I’m not sure whether I should be more worried about someone stealing my bag or trying to hire my services (or indeed, nobody trying to hire my services  – which is worse ladies?)

The flip side of this is that by chance I found myself in a club last night, wearing black and waving my arms around like the woman from ‘Tales of the Unexpected’ when Tainted Love by Soft Cell came on. Woot! That’s serendipity my friends, and doesn’t happen often.


Meri wears:

Hair: [e] Other (Mainstore in SL)
Bow: MOoH! Hairband with bow (Mainstore in SL : Marketplace Store)
Dress: MOoH!Blue Bow Dress (OMG Room)
Pose/Acc: Candy purse and pose from NanTra -Ain’t She Sweet (Mainstore in SL)
Shoes: JD Oakley Blue Textile for Belleza feet (Mainstore in SL)
Mesh Body: Belleza Venus Body (Mainstore in SL)
Necklace: [f]oil – Candy Store necklace (Mainstore in SL)


The MOoH! Blue Bow dress is one of the exclusives at the OMG Room which runs from Sept 26 – Oct 5th. It fitted well with the Belleza Venus Body. The JD shoes are to be congratulated as I owned them several weeks before the body itself was released! The hair is far from new, it’s one from before [e] closed down and reopened, so I’m not entirely sure if they still sell it. I think that’s all. As you were.

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