Ninja Style

poised boots

During a conversation with Poise Collins, designer of Poised garments the other day, she expressed a desire to be ninja. Ahhh, Ninja! We all love ninja. I love using it was a descriptive word where I probably shouldn’t (see Ninja Pisser in yesterday’s blog). I use it to mean sneaky, of course. Another quirk of language I love is that Americans (and much of the rest of the world) call training shoes ‘sneakers’. So today, when showing Poised’s Mesh Hi-Top Sneakers, I had to bring the ninja back.


Meri wears:

::Poised:: Nine – Mesh Hi-Top Sneakers –  (Poised Mainstore : Poised Marketplace)
Moon Hair Chandler (older hair) (Moon Mainstore)
Mandala Lotus Earring – Fall Gold (Mandala Mainstore)
Beusy Velvet Romper  NOTE: There is an error, see below (Beusy Mainstore)
Pure Poison Hipsteria Glasses (Gacha at Pure Poison Mainstore)
Scarf from Sexy Teacher Costume by Crissy Designs (Crissy Designs Mainstore)


The Poised Hi-Tops are really cute. I didn’t need to resize them but noted they are modifiable. As with all boots and shoes, make sure you work on a copy if you want to resize as they do not come with a resize script and you would need to do this manually. I was so impressed by the textures, really lovely. You can grab the Fat pack with HUD for a staggering 40 colours/patterns/textures for a mere 595l$, or you can buy smaller packs with 6 textures for 195l$. As the Americans say ‘You do the Math’ (Except they’re wrong, of course. The shortened version of mathematics is maths. Never singular.)

The Beusy romper is a cute shape (that you can’t really see here) and I loved it when I put it on, however, once I bought it and put on in my size (in this instance a M) it was obvious that there were errors in the mesh on the back of the romper leading to a spattering of little black triangles in the cloth. There is a notecard in the folder when you buy it saying this, and saying that they have tried to repair the issue to no avail. Do I think they should have made that clear before selling? Yes. Do I still like it? Yes!

The Sexy Teacher costume is also an older item in my inventory and not one I wear any longer as it isn’t mesh and I’m a mesh-head. But the ickle scarf is so great! I wear it a lot, it helps tie outfits together. It’s still for sale on marketplace and in store for 150l$ for the entire ensemble.

What do you think?

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