Space Oddity

ducknipple purple 2a

As Meri dodged the third asteroid that seemed to be out to get her this morning, she mused about how long she and Thom had been dating. Who would have thought she’d be off to do the weekly shop in a spaceship?

ducknipple purple 1a

Meri waved to a neighbour (she lived on the next space station) and her thoughts wandered to a time before Tesco Worldwide Industries had owned and controlled all consumable assets.

Luckily, you didn’t need to use pedals in these super automatic potato peeling fuelled space hoppers, so she could wear super crazy shoes, but sadly, that did mean she had to buy a lot of potatoes.

ducknipple black turquoise a

Back at home, Meri changed into something more casual and made her way into the kitchen to begin making her famous potato soup once more. Hopefully Thom would be home from his bio-engineering job at Tesco Clones Inc. soon. At least, she hoped it would still be the original one – who could tell these days?


Meri wears (Images 1-3):

Ducknipple Flya Dress (with colour HUD for dress) (Ducknipple mainstore  – Ducknipple marketplace)
Ducknipple Vulva Heels (with colour HUD)
Hair: Lamb – Nothing (Lamb Mainstore in Second Life)
Bracelet: Mandala Yuzu Sinra Silver Moon (Mandala Mainstore in Second Life)

(Image 4)

Ducknipple Viral Dress (with colour HUD for straps)


Ducknipple items almost always come with a colour HUD with either matching or mostly complementary colours contained within. Handy when you’re trying to put an outfit together. Although the leather look isn’t one I normally go for, it did happily put me in mind of a Utopian future when I, and all other women, will of course dress this way on a day to day basis. All items fitted spot on. Loving this cheeky !Lamb hair, and the Mandala bracelet is an old favourite I’m sure they still sell.


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