Time stood still

pixicat 1a

She had stood on this cliff top each day since his vessel became a speck on the horizon, she had watched until the tiny dot was burned into her vision, and now, every time she looks, she fancies she sees it there again.

pixicat 3a

A year, two… time had no meaning, it had simply stopped.

pixicat 2a

Maybe he would never return. Never hold her in his arms again. Perhaps he belongs to the sea now, to the waves that enfold him.

Meri wears:

{aii} Royal Circlet – Onyx (aii mainstore)
Exile – Blown Away (Exile mainstore)
Pixicat – The Dark dress (Pixicat mainstore)
Reign Ari Boots – Violet (Fameshed October)


This dress made me feel like a queen, and just a little bit Game of Thrones-ish, so I just had to go with this look. I got these fabby Reign boots today at Fameshed and thought they looked quirky and also suitable for mountain climbing lol, despite the high heels. The {aii} circlet is an old fave, it comes in four different colours – 3 metals and this onyx. Sorry my hair is so messy but the wind was blowing (I’m not remotely sorry really). ❤


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