eyelure 1a
Free hair in this shot!
eyelure backless 1a
Free hair in this shot too!

Someone, a long time ago, told me that you can recognise an older avatar by how many accessories they wear. Over the years I’ve noticed that is a truism and, additionally, noticed how I feel somehow naked without hairbands, tiaras, small dogs, handbags, rings, bracelets, additional belts etc.

But it’s not always necessary, sometimes, less is more. Date night, for example. You want him to be watching you; your eyes, your hair, the way you move. I put together this little post to show how much you can do with a little. All the hairs shown are group gifts and the Eyelure dresses won’t break the bank either.

Meri wears:

Photograph One –

Eyelure Strappy Slip dress – grey sequins (Eyelure Mainstore : Eyelure Marketplace)
Reign Oil wedges – Crimson (for Belleza feet) (No.21 event)
Little Bones – Dark Chapel (Group Gift) (Little Bones Mainstore)

Photograph Two –

Eyelure low back dress green knit (deets as above)
Moon – Full Moon hair (group gift) (Moon Mainstore)
L.Warwick Elation Platform Heels Orange/light blue for Belleza feet (The Attic at the Deck event, now closed)

What do you think?

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