Never rains but it pours

Or so say the old wives around these parts.

eyelure dress

My poor Thom is all bashed up from his head to his feet after an accident on his bike. It’s horrible to see him so bruised and battered, but I’m glad that he’s going to be okay. And it’s a poor cloud that never has a silver lining – at least the colours of the bruises are quite pretty and Autumnal. (I know… not much of a silver lining).

Meri wears:

Tableau Vivant – Winnie Hair (Collabor88)
Eyelure Front Ruffle Mini dress in Brown Floral (Eyelure Mainstore : Eyelure Marketplace)
Mandala Onliest necklace (The Mens Dept)
fri. Wendy Boots (Amber) (Collabor88 as above)
Half Deer Painted Rustic Bangles (Half Deer Marketplace)
Belleza Venus Mesh Body (Belleza Mainstore)


I love, love, love this cute little front ruffle dress from Eyelure. You can get it in five different colours/textures for 129l$ each, so a real snip! It fitted well with my Belleza Venus mesh body. I’m also wearing my new Tableau Vivant hair and fri. Wendy boots I picked up at Collabor88 this morning. I thought it was a very good round, considering the obvious Halloweeney theme.

What do you think?

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