Red for Romance

poised edit

Red is the colour of my love. Roses, Valentine hearts, pumping blood.
I close my eyes and see glowing red, an oasis of crazy in my bed.


Meri wears:

Poised Ivy Mesh Dress (Poised Mainstore : Poised Marketplace)
Little Bones Kills No.2 (The Chapter Four)
Reign Oli Wedges (No.21 Event)
Mandala Onliest necklace (The Mens Dept)


This Poised mesh Ivy dress is so sexy, I got comments. I mean, I often get comments like ‘I do hope you’re wearing underpants in that dress’ but this time, I got compliments. Go get yourself one. It comes in many different colours and you can change the bra part (shown here in black) into colours/textures too. Everything else was chosen to complement the dress. I made Thom remove the whole lot with his teeth when we got home (he had a little trouble with the necklace catches, but I guess nobody is perfect).

What do you think?

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