outfit aphorism_002

On shadowed ground
With no one around
And a blanket of stars in our eyes
We are drifting free
Like two lost leaves
On the crazy wind of the night


Meri wears while dreaming:

!Aphorism! Slim Jeans (Brown) Free for group subscribers in store (Aphorism mainstore)
Entente Sentier Boots (Entente mainstore)
MOoH! Crop tank boho gift  (The Boho Culture Fair 2014)
Little Bones – Hurt – group gift (Little Bones mainstore)


Some outfits simply drop into your grateful lap while you are thinking back to happy times in a rocking chair on your deck, and this was one of those fortuitous times. MOoH! and !Aphorism! (!) both have super free gifts available to all and sundry and the group gift from Little Bones is just stunning. There have been one or two gifts from Little Bones which I will be going to buy my colour pack for, when they become available (please let them become available!).

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