I want candy

I want candy

Little sugared droplets of joy, dotted around for me and my boy,

fizzing on my lips and tongue, however could such fun be wrong?


Meri wears:

Mandala Onliest – Necklace D (The Mens Dept)
Little Bones Kills no.1 – Pastels (The Chapter Four)
Eyelure Cocktail Dress (Eyelure mainstore : Eyelure marketplace)
MoiMoi Flag Clutch (prev. gift – not available on marketplace)


The more perceptive amongst you will note that I have worn and credited the Mandala Onliest necklace a lot of late. This is for two reasons – 1) I tend to wear Mandala jewellery a lot and, like in RL, I don’t necessarily change it with each outfit and 2) It’s so adaptable! Do I want to wear all four onliest necklaces or just one? Do I want to change the colours? The choice is mine (or yours if you get one). The Little Bones hair was a gacha gift and not the one I was after (which I got on the very next try – that was a lucky day) but it works really well as a playful, fun style. The MoiMoi clutch was something I found in invent when looking for accessories to complete this outfit, so I’m sorry if you can’t get it too. It is getting on a bit now I think. It was probably given for the World Cup, but I can’t recall.

The Eyelure dress is the sweet treat around which this outfit was built. It fits like a glove, moves well with my avatar and seems to hit just the right note between sexy and cute, casual and dressed up. It’s billed as a cocktail dress, but I think of it more as a daytime dress as the material looks like some sort of jersey.

What do you think?

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