Puttin’ on the Denim Ritz

denim ritz1

Candydoll Punisher Denim Boots (The Seasons Story)
Cynful She Bad Denim Dress – with colour change belt and 3 denim types (The Dressing Room Fusion)
These are new event colours, tango appliers included) Only until Friday!!! And a snip at 70l$
Moon Hair – Square One (The Seasons Story – as above)
Wayward Top Hat (circa 2008, unsure if it’s available now)
Cane – model’s own
* faun Pave Bear Trap Bangle in Gold – Gift (The Seasons Story – as above)

denim ritz 2

MOoH! Light Denim Dungarees with panda top (Fashions Story Fair Event) Oct 19-29th
Druidamus Necklace – Peas advenuture in captivity. (Group Gift for MadPea, Green Mire Sim)
Argrace Cowboy Hat – Minami Blonde (Argrace Marketplace)
Pure Poison Fringe Yoo-Hoo Boots (The Seasons Story – as above)

denim ritz 3

Accessorising is the key to a happy fashion life… at least in SL and an imprisoned MadPea seemed the way to go! This is a close up shot of the Druidamus Necklace – Peas adventure in captivity, as credited above. So darned cute! And while we’re on the subject of MadPea, I want to hook you up with the MadPea blog. They have SO MUCH going on in the way of hunts, mysteries and challenges that you should go visit, possibly immediately. You’ll never be bored in SL again – and you can pick up this fab freebie while you’re there.

denim ritz 4

Kitja Cherie Eve Jeans – Medium Blue (The Chapter Four)
MOoH! Cropped V-neck Top (Free Gift from MOoH! at Fashions Story Fair – as above)
MadPea Gift necklace as above



Yay! Denim is back with a bang. Despite Thom’s complaints regarding high-waisted jeans (he prefers to see a bit of buttcrack it seems) I love them and the lovely, elegant shape they provide. Denim is popping up all over the place in SL, in places you’d expect perhaps – with a wider selection, like the lovely items ff Kitja mesh jeans and MOoH! dungarees, and in places you wouldn’t, like with the elegant Cynful dress (again, no alpha needed – woot!). Yep, definitely time to put on the denim ritz.

I did something of a bumper post today because I had such a raft of gorgeous stuff and once I got taking pictures, I was having fun and it seemed to all be of a theme. So there we are, a mass sharing with you, my lovely readers. Have you found any awesome denim bits lately?

What do you think?

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