Made me smile

I was just talking with my Mum on the phone and we discussed LMAO, ROFL and PMSL. I put it to her that sometimes I feel a bit left out of hilarity, especially on the internet, as I don’t tend to do those things – ever. There is yet to be anything so funny on-line that I feel the need to urinate in my pantaloons. She assured me I was not alone and that she, too, could find something really quite funny and simply smile.

cynful 1a

But in text, simply saying ‘smiles’ after someone speaks can imply that you didn’t find it funny, are distracted or bored or even being patronising. Hmm. I shall stick with ‘Haha’ when I find something amusing, until an acronym that better suits me is invented. Maybe I can start a new one, like MMS – made me smile.

cynful 2a

Meri wears:

Cynful – The Society Dress in Mint (The Dressing Room Fusion)
glow studio clip necklace (Glow mainstore)
Reign Suede Heels in Tan – For Belleza feet (No21 Event)
Eaters Coma – hair 16 – Dark Platinum Blonde (Eaters Coma on Marketplace)


This fab, cute, flirty little dress from Cynful is specially for this round of The Dressing Room Fusion. It comes in 3 exclusive colours – Mint, Purple and Red. Each colour comes in 10 Belt Leather colours as well 4 Buckle metal colours! You will receive 10 mesh sizes (5 Standard + 2 Phatazz; 2 Cuteazz + 1 GhettoBootyNo.1) and Tango Appliers are also included, if boobies are your thing. TDRF opens tomorrow (Friday), so hurry over there for some great bargains.

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