The endless circle of existence

Yeah, it all sounds very deep but today I’m not talking about the meaning of life, nope. I’m talking about trying to prove that you are who you say you are to Skype/Microsoft while waiting for a security code which has been sent to an email address you’ve not used for years and which your supplier seems to think you didn’t want any more and have changed their entire system to one that can only be used by those with a phd in computing (is there such a thing?)…

eyelure 2a

Then I had to prove myself to the company who owned the email, using a security question I had forgotten the answer to around the time that dinosaurs became extinct. And then my pop 3 email programme refused to send and receive the emails, so I had to look for the pop3 settings and put those in. That never worked, so I had to find and use the crappy online version of the email reader and finally, FINALLY, got the passcode to sign into Skype and say good day to my hunny.

You are NOT kawaii bitch (as my necklace says).

eyelure 1a

Meri wears:

Eyelure sparkle dress – Electric Sequin (Eyelure Mainstore : Eyelure Marketplace)
Quirky does it offend you? “You are not kawaii bitch” Necklace – Gacha (No21 Event)
Reign Fiona Boots – for Belleza feet – in Tan  (No21 Event – as above)
Tableau Vivant Gloster Hair (Tableau Vivant Mainstore)


Coughs… anyway, enough ranting. As you can see, I’m wearing a rather sexy little number from Eyelure which, most unfortunately, someone from Skype/Microsoft slashed with their razor sharp security system to ensure that nobody can access their accounts. Ever. (Sorry, I said that was over and it is now; promise). I loved these boots from Reign so much that I went back and got them in black too. They come in various mesh sizes, plus an unrigged pair and also a pair for Belleza feet/legs. I much prefer the Belleza version to the unrigged (which I adjusted to fit another mesh body) because by the time I had done, I had very thick ankles, however, the Belleza version is graceful as a gazelle. The hair is an old favourite that I wear often ‘cus it’s so bloody super and the cheeky little necklace was a ‘must have’.

What do you think?

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