The Ghost Fair

The rotting wooden turnstile creaked as Meri put in her penny and the bars revolved, cranking her onwards into the fairground. Choppy music from the rides reached her ears on the breeze and she shivered, both with anticipation and a sense of foreboding.

MadPea 1 Carousel MadPea 2 Doll Carousel MadPea 3 Wheel MadPea 4 Wheel Chris MadPea 5 Madometer MadPea 6 Doll Carousel MadPea 7 Wheel Meri MadPea 10 Fairground MadPea 11 Carousel MadPea 12 Carousel

MadPea 13 Fairground

MadPea 14 Fairground

Long after the few others who had been around had disappeared, Meri continued to ride the carousel, the eerie music slowly dulling her senses, her concerns drifting away, as the Fair that never was faded with her into the Halloween night.




MadPea Circus Carousel – 228 prims – Seats 10, automatically revolves, beautiful textures, with music.
MadPea Carnival Hanging Doll Carousel – revolves, with music, seats 4 avatars as well as the scary dead dolls.
MadPea Madometer – 6 prims – with whooshing sound when you spin! Different result on each screen, oddly, quite mad.
MadPea Ferris Wheel – 37 prims – with music, stops/starts, seats 9.


You can get these super items from MadPea (where else eh?) for their Halloween promotion at the MadPea mainstore in Second Life. I’d like to thank my friend Chris for allowing me the space and prims on his land, to allow me to rez all this stuff together and make such a lovely creepy fairground. My personal favourite was probably the horse carousel, but I love those in RL too. I’m reasonably well known amongst my friends for not ‘doing’ Halloween, but having the enthusiasm from American friends around me, who make their joy apparent, means it must be rubbing off. Happy Halloween folks! ❤

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