Cosy Kawaii

space hopper 1a

There’s something about bringing out cosy woollies that makes me want other sweet, soft things around me and luckily,  the Kawaii vs Creepy Gacha Fair began on Monday 25th and gave me some very loveable things to snuggle.
mooh teddy carry 1a

These three items are from the MOoH! Gachas. The top picture is of their Kawaii Bouncer Ball (which I call a space hopper for I was born in the 70s), the second is of the oh-so-huggable MOoH! Love bear doll gacha.

meri teddy mooh 1aAnd finally, this is me, looking super happy with my new cosy kawaii avatar – MOoH! Love Bear avy gacha item. All three are RARE wins in the gacha, but the normal gacha items are just as cute in my opinion. For example, with the bear avie and the love bear doll, the normal wins don’t have a hat on or a little bag – and that’s no biggie!

Kawaii vs Creepy Gacha Fair is from those sweet geniuses at the Hunt Madness of SL Group and is on from October 25th to the 22nd November.

Meri wears:

LoLlaS Summer Daisy Scarf in Marine (LoLlaS Marketplace)
Bueno Mishi Sweater in Peppermint (Collabor88)
Mina Hair – Carlijin (Mina Mainstore)
REIGN – Not Your Momma’s Knit Boots – Group Gift – Thank you Kenadee! (Reign Mainstore)
Spirit Store – Shizu Jeans (Spirit Store Marketplace)

What do you think?

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