MadPea Blood Letters Hunt – Never Totally Dead! Pt 1

I’m guessing you’ve heard something about the latest adventure from MadPea in Second Life. It’s called Blood Letters and is a mystery/hunt with some really stunning prizes.

I’m going to anticipate and answer some of your questions and introduce you to one of the prizes you can expect in this hunt.

What is Blood Letters?

It’s an adult-themed interactive narrative quest with prizes. Oh ok! Umm… well, it’s a hunt with clues and a story. No?

Okay then, I’ll have to start at the beginning and explain what happened. Once there was this woman – Samantha Mason; she was hot as hot can be and she was known as the Mantis. The Mantis seduced her victims and when they thought their lust was to be satiated, she slayed them – quite literally. She was caught and sent to jail, convicted of eight murders, but, a year later, the grisly murders began again, but who is behind them?

It’s your job to find out!

How do I join in with the game/hunt?

There are 25 stores taking part, each providing one prize during the hunt and another upon your completion of the hunt. You can buy the HUD at any of the participating stores. You take on the role of a P.I. and each day, a segment of the story and a clue will be revealed which will lead you closer not only to the killer, but to gaining the unique erotic and sadistic prizes on offer. If you join in partway through the month, that’s cool, the clues (and prizes) up to that point will be available to you, and you continue from there on a day by day basis like the other P.I.’s on the case.

Just how saucy is this hunt?

I’m going to try to keep the pictures on my blog within the PG-Mature rating, rather than going all out explicit, but honestly? It’s going to get hot in here. Better get yourself some iced water.

When does it take place?

November 1st to 30th – all month long. A whole month of interactive game play in Second Life PLUS at least 50 amazing gifts from some of SL’s best designers. Visit the MadPea blog for more information. I’ll keep you as updated as I can here too, but now it’s all down to you and your supersleuth skills.

So… the first preview of a prize coming right up!


truck 1a

truck 2a

truck 3a

truck 4a

truck 5a

truck 6a

truck 7a

truck 8a

truck 9a

truck 10a

I could almost hear the banjos twanging as I rezzed Never Totally Dead’s prize named Sacre Francais. It’s a truck with an array of animations for singles or couples, as follows:

2 single sits – one male one female
5 cuddle anims
5 single ‘play’ anims
9 couples ‘play’ anims
4 sleep anims (atypical :))

What I mean by atypical is that the picture of Meri hanging out of the windscreen with a bottle of wine in her hand – upside down – is one of the sleep poses 🙂 And what they mean by ‘play’ animations is sex animations, of course. It has a land impact of 20 and isn’t drive-able (well obviously, as it is on pallets rather than wheels).

It is described by Never Totally Dead as their ‘final’ prize for the hunt, so I’m imagining that this is one of the prizes you get upon completion. It’s certainly worth getting your best detective overcoat and spy glass out for!

I’m going to be blogging a lot for this super MadPea event over the next couple of weeks, so do pop back and see what’s in store! Good luck ❤

 Never Totally Dead Mainstore

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