Okay Pumpkin

eyelure dress

I’m someone who has been paranoid and superstitious about Halloween for some years now. It’s not without reason. I could bore you with the whole story, but I won’t. Needless to say the ghosts of Halloween past include being chased by a man with a big knife, getting hit by railway crossing gates with a train coming, crashing my car and getting engaged to a nutcase.

For these reasons and in fear of what might happen next, I simply refused to take part in the 31st of October. I wouldn’t go out or do anything of importance, just in case.

However, I have a good friend in SL whose rezzday is on the 31st October and in the past, she has kept it on the downlow where I’m concerned, I think. This year, however, I want her to know… her rezzday is important to me and the fact it falls on Halloween is a good omen and we will celebrate! So, Pumpkin, this one is for you ❤


Meri wears:

Eyelure Tiered Dress Persimmon (Eyelure Mainstore : Eyelure Marketplace)
Reign Tomahawks for Belleza feet in camel (Reign Mainstore)
*booN FRN503 hair (*booN Mainstore)
EC Albane Bolero (EC Creations Mainstore)
Je Suis – Africain necklace short (Je Suis Mainstore)


The Eyelure Tiered Dress is very hippy and cute. I felt like a flower fairy. It has shoestring straps and so, with it being Autumn, I felt the need to add a layer with the EC Albane Bolero (part of a set I had previously bought). The booN hair is from a huge sale they are currently having and I took full advantage of that fact, coming away with about 10 full packs. The Reign shoes are a breath of fresh air, as most shoes in SL look like they wouldn’t be comfortable. The Je Suis necklace is colour change and beautiful quality, I wear it often and it always finishes an outfit beautifully.

What do you think?

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