MadPea Blood Letters Hunt – Animated Living and R3 Prizes

animated living 1

I’m back – and still in my underwear – to present to you yet more goodies from the MadPea Blood Letters Hunt, starting tomorrow! 1st November. You can read all about the hunt and the background in my first MadPea Blood Letters Hunt blog from yesterday. But moving forwards, today I’m showing you a few images of Animated Living’s two amazing prizes for the Hunt.

animated living 2

This is the Animated Living Bound Pleasure Mat. It contains the following menu options…
Dance4him – 5 dances
Couples – 8 anims
Rezzable rose petals and chains (attach to cuffs given)

animated living 3

As you can see, this is the dance menu mentioned. It automatically rezzes a little leather covered padded box in order to cushion your wiggling.

animated living 4

What isn’t immediately obvious from this post is that the main prize is something not even visible – it’s a mat which you can make invisible and contains the menus – so you could rezz it anywhere. But in these pictures, I used the fab skybox provided in the props box that comes with it.

animated living 5

Also very much worth noting is that this is the Animated Living Bound Pleasure Mat made specifically for a male and a female avatar, but the gift also includes the Blue Balls Bound Pleasure Mat, which is designed for two male avatars to use.

animated living 6

The couples menu includes a dance.

animated living 7

And a fair amount of feeling, fingering and fooling around.

animated living 8

The rose petals and candles are a rezzable from the main menu, while the mat we’re on is a part of the sky box setup. The chains are a rezzable and the cuffs are given to you from the menu.

animated living 9

I should have known with things being this good that it couldn’t last… here comes the flogging!

animated living 10

And finally, the other ‘f’ word. Please note that Thom doesn’t remove his pipe throughout this kinky play session! How ubercool!

animated living 11

After all that excitement, I wanted to rest my (sore) behind on a comfy armchair and so I chose this one from my inventory. The Animated Living Armchair Mat works on the same principle as the floor mat, in that you place it and make it invisible, so it turns any piece of furniture into one you can use with their animations!

animated living 12

They do provide a nice armchair in the props pack (not shown) but we got cosy in our own chair as Thom came over to kiss me better. There are also side table and rug props provided.

animated living 13

The Armchair Mat has 5 Solo animations for Gentleman (one additional mirrored) along with wine, cognac and cigar props
and 5 Solo animations for Ladies along with wine prop for drinking plus 7 Couples cuddle animations including provided Cognac and Cigar props.

animated living 14

Meri goes to have a chat with one of Thom’s superb brogues while he shrugs in a ‘What can you do with her?’ kind of way.

animated living 15

The statue you can see in this picture of the skybox is actually one of the lights! There is a switch on the wall to ‘turn them on and off’ and they simply disappear when you turn them off and reappear if you need to cast a light on the matter in hand.

You can visit Animated Living/Blue Balls inworld to peruse their stock or to buy your MadPea Blood Letters Hunt HUD and get started tomorrow!

animated living 16

Perhaps most unusual of the MadPea Blood Letters Hunt prizes so far are the two prizes from R3. I say so far, as I expect to be taken out of my comfort zone, roundly spanked and made to do it all over before I am allowed to wear big comfy knickers again.  The R3 Unisex Mask Upper and Lower Mask Parts (with colour change HUD for buttons) are one prize in the hunt and the R3 Female Headband (with texture change HUD) is the second. Thom always says that I have a thing for buttons, but I’m still not quite sure this is what he meant!

Visit R3 in Secondlife and see what they have in store or pick up your MadPea Blood Letters Hunt HUD and get that mystery solved.

More to come tomorrow! Do check back soon ❤

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