MadPea Blood Letters Hunt Now Open! Part 3 – More Prize Previews!

I’m back, I’m back, I’m totally whack(ed). These MadPea Blood Letters Hunt prizes are amazing – and they all need showing to you as a matter of urgency because.. dun dun dun… IT’S OPEN! Yes, finally you can go get your HUD and begin figuring out the mystery along with Second Life’s other P.I.’s. If you’d like to know all about the background to the MadPea Blood Letters Hunt, you need to read the first blog on the subject.

Now, back to the matter in hand… that matter being murder most horrid.

1 Poison case

One prize from +REDRUM+ is the Murder Suitcase – Package includes open suitcase, carryable suitcase, Beating heart (to hold/eat), Leather blindfold male/female, Mesh bloody gloves, Bloody Knife, Poison bottle with raven top.
Visit +REDRUM+ to get your HUD

2 M for Murder sit

Above is the super [we’re CLOSED] dial M chair which contains: 5 female sits, 5 male sits, 5 couples cuddle animations and 5 couples adult animations (3 oral, 2 rides) of a superb quality! More from this later!

3 Sin will find you cross

7mad;Ravens Neon Cross comes in two versions – one where you can turn on and off the neon and one (shown) with a soft neon effect.

7 - Brown Sofa sit

The second prize from [we’re CLOSED] is the Broken Sofa in Brown which incl. 6 female sits, 6 male sits, 7 couples
cuddles and 7 couples adult animations. The anims and poses are really nice and I enjoyed playing with it 😉

4 - Mask

What does every seductress/murderess need to complete her outfit? Yeah, a spooky mask to hide her real identity. This is one of the Laudanum Lollipops prizes – The Mantis Mask. Also is provided The John Mask for your partner/victim.

5 - Black eyes bloody face

Of course, when the mask comes off, what lies underneath may be even more grotesque. This is the second prize from Laudanum Lollipops, (surl as above) and is the Face tattoo and eyes for the Mantis. Seen here also with the +REDRUM+ Face Blood Murder (also provided Bewb Blood Murder and Hand Blood Murder tattoo layers)

6 - Heart

And why, you may wonder, was Meri Mantis’s mouth all covered in blood? The answer is, of course, that she likes to eat her victim’s still beating heart… sigh. Not my prettiest moment, I have to agree. The Still Beating Heart is part of +REDRUM+’s suitcase prize, partially shown above.

8 - champagne pussy

Of course, that heart did not belong to Thom, who I needed for the rest of the fun! Here, we’re enjoying RACK Poses (adult mainstore) – Fine Dining (with Champagne Bottle prop included).

9 - knifing

So, one thing lead to another, and as you can imagine, Meri Mantis was having trouble not sliding something big and hard into Thom too! This is the RACK Poses – Black Widow (with Knife prop included).

10 - M for Murder cunni

I think Thom got a little confused about how you use the telephone though! [we’re CLOSED] dial M chair – Cunnilingus (surl above)

11 - f on sofa

We finished off on the reasonably comfy (although broken) [we’re CLOSED] Broken Sofa in Brown – Couples/Adult/Fuck 1.


I hope you enjoyed a tour of some of the exciting, sexy and sometimes revolting prizes available to you in the MadPea Blood Letters Hunt. Remember! You get one prize per day after figuring out the clue. This is not your typical hunt. To read more about how to get started, please visit MadPea’s ‘How to Play’ post.


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