Up til the sunrise

lenox jeans 1b

Some nights are made just for ignoring,

Staying up through them, talking, adoring,

Laughing at things never funny, they say

But our world is sweeter and new every day.

lenox jeans 2aMeri and Thom wear:

Lenox 2015 Denim – his and hers (The Mens Dept)
Her – Exile ‘Young and Beautiful’ (Exile)
Him – Dura-Boy 49 (Dura)


It’s a rare thing to find jeans in Second Life that I really like, and an even rarer occurence to find ones that Thom likes. To find both from the same creator is almost unheard of! Lenox Co (of Lenox Co & Blueberry) has created a triumph! This triumph comes with a superb colour change HUD that allows you to change the colour of the belt too – or remove it entirely. The textures are so realistic and come in 5 different shades (I hope that comes over in the pictures) and you can get these during this month at The Mens Dept which opens today and is on until the 30th November.


Are you still here?

Okay, one song and then you must go shopping!

What do you think?

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