The Simian Circus

simian 1

The Simian Circus came to town, with jangling tunes and spangling clowns.

simian 3

Meri was Ringmaster just for one day, as the children laughed and cried ‘Hip Hip Hooray’

simian 5For each of the monkeys had their own toys, and cute little outfits for girls and for boys

simian 6

The one in a bath car trundled out steam

simian 8

So Meri tried her one and found it a dream.

simian 2

One monk, he sat down in a soft comfy chair

simian 7

While a bather went diving from up top of there

ducknipple 2

Meri’s hat was a triumph, the resistance de piece

ducknipple 3

And her shoes were like angels holding her feets.


Post features:

MadPea Phunky Monkeys Gacha items (Cirque Seraphim Sponsors MadPea Cique Nova Store)
AleyMart Circus Tent FREE! (Aleymart on Marketplace)

Meri wears:

Ducknipple Danny Outfit w HUD 12 colours of jacket, 12 colours of tie and any colour of shirt (RGB) 5 mesh sizes (Ducknipple Mainstore : Ducknipple Marketplace)
Ducknipple Tailure Collar – 12 colours – 5 mesh sizes
Ducknipple Tara Heels – 12 colours in HUD for Slink High feet
Jolbey & Jasper lace bow top hat in red (J&J Mainstore)


Cirque began on the 6th November and MadPea are the major sponsors of the event. As Sponsors they have produced 3 new items which will be sold at 50% to ASPCA in the event store, plus a brand new, exciting Phunky Monkeys set to collect at 100L$ each!  As you can imagine, I had a ton of fun playing with the Phunky Monkeys and should note that the majority of the monkeys are addable to your avatar to have as a companion, they are animated and omg so cute.

The Ducknipple outfit was like a gift from the Gods, and as one of the 12 colours available for the blazer was red, a no-brainer for a fabby Ringmaster outfit. I really hope you liked my circus themed blog, maybe you can let me know what you think?

M ❤

Seraphim Poster

The ASPCA awarded Miss Baker with a Certificate of Merit for Distinguished Service, supporting “‘carefully controlled scientific’ use of animals as space pathfinders for the ‘mutual benefit of man and animals.


Squirrel Monkey Miss Baker poses with the Certificate of Merit for Distinguished Service she was awarded by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) after her successful return to earth, the associated medal, and the couch used for her flight (to the right). Baker and her traveling companion Able were the first animals to return alive from space.

What do you think?

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