Belleza Body Update Review – November 2014 (Topless)

Three days ago (Thursday 6th November) I, along with all other Belleza Venus Mesh Body owners, received an update package from Belleza. With much anticipation, I opened the pack eagerly to read all about the changes implemented so far to the body which has become the one I’m most likely to wear on a day-to-day basis.

I felt I should do a review of the updates, to follow on from my original post on the three mesh bodies I owned – The Mesh Body Reviews – Belleza vs Mesh Project vs Wowmeh (naked).

The amendments were listed in the notecard as follows:

– Fix to the Neck
– Weight Paint Improvements
– Tattoo/Underwear & Clothing Mesh Layer Fixes
– Underwear Layer added for Feet
– Body modeling modifications
– Rigging adjustments for better flexibility
– Modifications for better fit with SLink Attachments
– NEW Mesh Body Version for SLink FEET ONLY option
– Omega Script Additions for use and addition of custom materials (bump and spec)

So let us begin at the beginning… the neck.


I know that some Belleza owners had issues with the fit of the neck, but I didn’t. In fact, I find whatever size or length I set my own shape to that it seems to adapt. What I did suggest in my feedback to Belleza was the inclusion of tattoo layer blenders for the neck and it seems they thought the same, as the updated pack contains a neck tattoo blender for each of the skins provided as an option in the Belleza Venus package. I popped mine on and felt that there was a huge improvement, allowing me to finally wear short hair with this body. Hurrah!


Weight paint improvements… 

I do not have any idea what this means! I’ve tried thinking, examining the body ‘paint’, Googling the term and to no real avail. I’m sure it’s a good thing anyhow!

Tattoo/Underwear & Clothing Mesh Layer Fixes

The Tattoo/Underwear part of this is a bit of a mystery, but one that I expect will be solved once we begin to see appliers brought out for this body. Clothing mesh layer fixes must relate, I think, to the way that clothes sit upon the mesh.

Underwear Layer added for Feet

Very self-explanatory. This means that there is now the option to wear stockings or socks as an applier layer on the feet provided with as a part of the one-piece body, and a corresponding button is provided in the HUD to allow you to hide or show that applier. Again, this will become useful once appliers for the body are out there in the stores.

Body modelling modifications

I would have liked some detail on each of these items from Belleza for picky schnickys like me to go over with a fine toothed comb, however, we can accept that they have made amendments to the body itself that are an improvement. I can’t actually see any big difference myself, but I would imagine it’s small details they felt could be tweaked. It may be my imagination, but I can’t help thinking the legs look better… they are certainly very lovely. My knees actually get compliments! 😀

Rigging adjustments for better flexibility

Rigging adjustments for better flexibility means to me that they have made amendments to reduce distortion of limbs and torso when it is in motion or a pose. Although all mesh bodies adjust much better to movement than the standard Second Life body, it’s always a welcome sign when improved flexibility is offered.

Modifications for better fit with SLink Attachments and NEW Mesh Body Version for SLink FEET ONLY option

This is, without doubt, going to be the most popular amendment to the body with the masses. They have 3 body versions included in the updated package. One body with no hands and feet attached, where you can attach Slink hands and feet, if you set both torso muscle and leg muscle to 50, the second body is the one-piece Belleza with hands and feet, as before and thirdly – and the one which I leapt on with some joy – a body which is one-piece to include hands, but not feet, which you can add SLink feet to (providing you set leg muscle to 50).


The above picture is, of course, cammed in to the ankle and feet, on high resolution with good lighting and therefore will show any ‘fault’ as clearly as possible. Here you can see that although the fit with the SLink feet is not entirely seamless, it’s entirely acceptable for day-to-day use. Finally, I can use my SLink shoes with my Belleza body! Hurrah!

I have not tried the SLink hands with the first body provided, simply because as I established in my last post, Meri looks like a weight-lifting, bread-making, superhero with her torso set to 50 muscle. I would imagine the fit has improved however, on that basis.

Omega Script Additions for use and addition of custom materials (bump and spec)

If any of you Belleza Venus owners (and indeed other mesh bodies) aren’t aware of the Omega System, it’s something you might like to look into. It allows you to convert appliers you have previously purchased for Cute Azz, Phat Azz, Tango, Omega etc. to use on the Belleza body. I went and got one and gave it a try a few weeks ago and it worked just fine, allowing me to wear some tights. It’s a very rare occasion when I need to wear an applier, so I can’t imagine I’ll use it often but I know a lot of people in SL love them and find it hard to live without them. Now you don’t have to wait for creators to bring out appliers specifically for Belleza – and can make use of some of the appliers you already own. If you’d like to learn more, visit Love N Lust Designs blog (producers of the Omega System).

Note: Hands and feet appliers do not work using this system, sorry!


So, that’s the whole list, right? Surely that’s it? Well not quite! It seems that the idea of unsupported push-up boobs being a bit, well, useless, hit home and Belleza have provided an elegant option!


The underwear shown in these pictures is new to the Belleza Venus and the bra is for push-up boobs! Yay! The original fitted underwear options are still provided in the pack – also with an improvement – you can wear the bras and knickers separately (hallelujah). On the subject of the push up boobs… in my first blog I’d not gotten to grips with this feature at all, finding it hard to fit under clothes at all. Since then, I have had a play and you can fit them under some clothing. Yes they do have to be made smaller and I tend to have a play with the settings for both gravity and the join/separate slider in my shape to suit, but those details aside, they are a usable and useful part of the overall Belleza Venus mesh body.

The future for the Belleza Venus Mesh Body

They have further updates planned, of course, and two of those items are listed in the notecard provided with the update pack – – Alternate Body Types and Adjustments to Alpha Tab on Hud. I’m thinking and hoping that the first item will relate to allowing a smaller torso muscle setting for the body for SLink hand compatibility. While I’ve adjusted happily to using the Belleza hands, I have to admit it would be nice to be able to utilise the SLink hands, due to a favourite hand tattoo and some cool nail polish appliers I have too.

The second future update to the Alpha Tab on HUD will surely feature a much more detailed alpha mapping system allowing the wearing of more intricate garments. A reminder of my main suggestions in this regard:

  • Much more detail required to allow for detailed necklines, shoulder area, wearing of shorts (upper legs and butt), more options around breasts etc.
  • The disabling of automatic ‘mirroring’ of front/back and left/right which disallows clothing with one sleeve, or a slanted hem on a skirt.
  • A ‘pop-out’ alpha body HUD to allow for easy selection of smaller areas.
  • Automatic hiding of physical nipples when the nipple area on the alpha hud is selected, additionally, automatic addition of them when it is deselected. (The painted on nipples aren’t so nice).


In other exciting news! The Developer Kit was finally, finally released and you know what this means? Yay! It means creators can finally get stuck into making appliers for this body, in addition to fitted mesh. Hurrah. I’m so happy. If you are a designer who wishes to pick up the Developer Kit, it’s available free of charge from the Belleza Mainstore.

If you don’t have a mesh body yet and are wondering which one to get, this must surely be both a serous contender and, so far, the potential winner. A mere two months after releasing the body – which was always nice – they release a substantial update and the promise of more to come. Frankly, I’m excited about what could happen in the future.

Notes: The pictures are unedited snapshots to allow you to see both the great things and the areas which may need improvement. Belleza have not given me anything at all, this is my honest opinion and I do not know any of the designers personally. In other words – I’ve not been bribed to say the nice stuff, it’s just true!

P.S. In all the excitement of blogging the updated body, I forgot to credit the adorable hair! It’s The Sour by Olive and you should go see her cute store!

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