Oh Happy Day!

blueberry 2b

Do you know why today is a happy day? Because of wonderful things to wear in Second Life, of course! Well, not just because of that but some things make my heart sing loud.


Meri wears:

Blueberry Chlo Mesh Denim Belted Shorts Ocean Fitted Mesh for Belleza Body – also comes with mesh sizes for CuteAzz and PhatAzz and 5 normal mesh sizes – 11 colours of belt and 3 metal colours via HUD (Visit Blueberry Mainstore : Visit Blueberry on Marketplace)
Blueberry Chlo Crop Jacket and Undershirt – jacket comes in 10 colours, with HUD for 4 colours of buttons and of zips and a HUD with 11 colour options for the undershirt and a jacket only option, as in the first pic above. Mesh in 5 standard sizes, plus Belleza Push Up and Belleza Regular. (Stores as above)
REIGN – Laced Lavie Boots – Violet  – Gift to group from Kenadee Reign, thank you! (Visit Reign Mainstore)
Little Bones Oracle Hair (Thanks! Nova Monroe) available from Collabor88 November! (Visit Collabor88)


As you might have gathered from the ‘Meri wears’ section above, Blueberry have begun making their mesh clothing with a fitted option for the Belleza Venus Mesh Body – and this makes me very happy. Almost as happy as it makes Thom! It means each item fits me like a glove, requiring minimum alpha-age and also that I can utilise physics – yay!. Thom may never speak again, as he just likes to watch my boobs bounce when I dance. Bless!

The REIGN boots were a gift from Kenadee Reign who forgot to put them out for the Saturday Sale and so thought she’d simply send them to the group as a gift. How lovely!

The Little Bones Oracle hair is, of course, gorgeous. Everything from Little Bones is gorgeous – sighs. Go get it, you won’t regret it ❤

What do you think?

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