MadPea Blood Letters Hunt Part 4: More Prize Previews!

It’s getting down and dirty in the MadPea Blood Letters Hunt this month! My previous posts on the subject seem to have gradually upped the raunch to furniture ratio until this point and I’m kinda hoping it doesn’t get any more blue! I try to keep my blog PG, but today it is more mature than that. If you are under 18 years of age, you should go home now please.

Previous MadPea Blood Letters Hunt Posts showing prizes can be found here, here and here. If you’re wondering if it’s too late to join in this fabulous hunt, it’s really not! Go visit the MadPea Blog to see How to Play.


Starting you off gently, the above shot is Meri wearing the [DBF] Samantha skin, one of the skin prizes from [DBF]. They have also made a male skin and a unisex skin. I should note here that, because I’m wearing my Belleza body, the body skin  you can see isn’t from [DBF], although the rest of it is just as nice as the face!


{NanTra} I love you to death pose 1 is shown here and includes the carving knife, with which our mental sexual assassin means to do him in. Gosh. Meri wears two more super prizes here… :DEADPOOL: Forbidden (red mesh clothes) and the
:DEADPOOL: Constriction (collar, also mesh, comes in various sizes).


This shot is of {NanTra} I love you to death pose 2, a second gift from the esteemed pose company. In the original picture that comes with the pose, the lady assassin is sitting on the mattress, rather than on her intended’s thigh, but the large height differential between Meri and Thom meant that even with some tweaking of heights, we were incompatible. Luckily! The balls aren’t linked and can be edited very thoroughly, so I did and found that this worked nicely.


The [Michigans Shack] Brooke Day Bed is what we have rested upon throughout the pictures, but here I’m showing one of the (very many) sex animations which are within it’s menu. If you can think of it, it’s probably in that sex menu! I should also mention that the facial expression Thom is wearing here is from the bed, which has a dazzling array of facial emotes which work when you are in animations.


I can’t help wishing for a happy ending, even in a murder mystery, so here you can see Thom and Meri chilling after he didn’t die at all. And you can also get a full view of that rather gorgeous day bed too!


I hope you enjoyed our little trip around some of the great prizes in the MadPea Blood Letter’s Hunt. I would also like to address something I have heard mentioned. I realise this hunt is unusual because you pay a little to get the HUD in order to play the game, but it’s no ordinary hunt. First off, it really is a game, a murder mystery game with clues, an office for you to work in and a whole little world created for you, for the month, and secondly, these are not your average hunt prizes, there are thousands and thousands of lindens worth of sex and murder themed gifts to collect, and then a bonus bunch of 25 at the end!

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