Writer’s Block

blueberry 2

Writing for a living was my dream – hell, it still is my dream. As it is, I write about things that are not in my heart, and sometimes, words for hire are harder to write.

blueberry 1

Words about things I love are easy and pour from my fingers, as if from my tongue. I’m sure my friends call me a grammar nazi, but really, that’s a harsh term with un-pretty connotations. They should know I’m just so in love with words, I can’t bear to see them misunderstood and mistreated.

Writer’s block… well, any excuse for a break eh?

Meri wears:

Little Bones – Snow Spell I – Blondes (The Secret Affair – until 30th November)
::je::suis:: – africain necklace (Je Suis Mainstore)
Blueberry – Belted Denim Skirt (Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Markteplace)
Blueberry Mins Leather Jacket for Belleza Regular (Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Markteplace)
Reign Phoenix Boots Studded (The Secret Affair – until 30th November)


Ahh, Blueberry continue to produce mesh items of such exceptional quality and care that it makes my heart sing! This Mins Leather Jacket comes in 5 standard mesh sizes plus! Belleza sizes for both push up and regular breasts (the pictures above show the regular breasted version). Of course, the lovely thing about it being rigged for the Belleza mesh body is that it fits like it was made for me, and is wearable with minimal alpha-age. I always alpha out my arms, underarms and shoulders at the back, but aside from that, spot on!

The Blueberry skirt is just a happy coincidence, it’s not new out. Out of the 80k items in my invent, it happened to be the skirt that completed this little outfit perfectly.

The Reign boots I picked up yesterday from The Secret Affair. I was umming and ahhing over whether to go for the studded or non-studded version when a friend IM’d and convinced me that blingy was very now. 😀 They’re actually not blingy at all, but very nice indeed. I upped the sizing by 15% because somehow they looked too small and neat on me. I like to slosh around a bit in my boots, for comfort, you see.

The Little Bones hair is, as usual, perfect. I love it. It comes in standard and ‘L’ size for those of us with a few curves to work around and has a scalp HUD for the parting as well as the colour HUD with streak option.

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