No use crying…

no use crying b

The ‘Health and Safety for friendship with a Meri’ manual states that you should not leave a Meri alone in a room with anything that could potentially a) spill, b) break  c) be destroyed, or d) destroy her, because it’s likely she will make it happen. Oops.

Meri wears:

Ducknipple Mesh Jasmin Cardigan w HUD 12 colours of cardigan and 12 polka dot shirt textures (Buy on marketplace)
+Half Deer+ Painted Rustic Bangle – Dream (Half Deer Bangles on Marketplace)
Mandala Kyara Forest Necklace (Mandala Necklace on Marketplace)
booN FRN503 hair modified (booN store on Marketplace)
Bueno Short Shorts for Belleza Venus Mesh Body (No21 event in Second Life)
Red Mint epunk boots, stolen from Kess last night, but you can get them from (Red Mint on Marketplace)


What kind of girl wears shorts when it’s this cold? Well, the kind of girl who finds that Bueno have a fitted mesh for Belleza Venus mesh body version of the shorts included in their packs and available at No21 this month. Yay! However, the little cardigan from Ducknipple with its array of colours and polka dot top textures cosied me up. The polka dot top part is optional, so you could go all sexy with a low V neck instead.

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