Embracing Grey

cynful grey meri

Embracing grey, I dance today.
In pastures metal, studded, fey.
To rust and soften greys to brown.
Time, happy spent, in Little Town.

Snapshot_001 Snapshot_003

Meri wears:

[Cynful] Cardigan Dress: Grey for Belleza Body fitted mesh (Dress to be available at Winter Trend 2014 on Dec 5th)
::Exile:: A Winter’s Tale: California (Exile on Marketplace)
::LC:: Love Hate Sneaker: Grey (LC Mainstore in Second Life)
[abrasive] Ripped Up Nets applier for Belleza (Abrasive on marketplace)


Today’s venue for the photographs was shown to me yesterday by my buddy, Llew, because he thought I might like it for photos and honestly, I just loved it for anything! It’s so amazingly constructed and gorgeously cute. So I’d like to thank Cica Ghost for building such a wonder for us all to see. Go visit! Teleport to Little Town by Cica Ghost.

The Cynful dress is for the Winter Trend 2014 event which begins on December 5th and goes on through to the 19th. Venue details are not yet out, but you can keep an eye on the Seraphim blog, who will publish details in due course. The Cardigan Dress comes in 5 Standard Sizes, 1 Phatazz size for normal and Thicker fit, 2 Cuteazz sizes and, yes! the Belleza Venus fit. Tango appliers are also available. Each colour has the option for 20 different undershirt colours/textures which also can be hidden and the lace also has 20 different colour options.

The Exile hair is not new, but is still available and it’s still gorgeous! If you don’t have it, it’s a Winter staple item, I feel.

What do you think?

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