You’re Twisting My Melon Man

madPea 2

So there was I, playing happily with my new MadPea Candy Chew Chew Train, after spending several hours laying the track just the way I wanted, when…

madPea 1

In rides Thom on his big Candy Engine, wrecking my track and destroying the station.


There’s no ‘bah humbug’ in MadPea’s Arcade Gacha this Holiday season…there’s a whole candy mountain of chugger chugger chew chew with MadPea’s Candy Chew Chew Train. There are 9 confectionery railway items to collect, including track and engine. The items are decorative and aren’t animated, but still amazingly cute!

Items available at The Arcade Gacha Event which begins 1st December.

What do you think?

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