Decisions, decisions…


Meri wears:

Blueberry Ember Tied Scarf (From December 5th at Winter Trend SL 2014)
MotiAme Duffle Coat – Gray (At Uber event in Secondlife)
Tableau Vivant Neve Hair (At Fameshed in Secondlife)
Blueberry Radi Boots Cut Jeans for Belleza Venus Mesh Body (Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Marketplace)
MIASNOW CurlySilly Mustache (am.eng) Black (Free from MIASNOW on Marketplace)


Trying to decide what colour of the new Blueberry scarf to wear was too much for Meri today. She umm’d and ahh’d over them for some time before deciding to go with a pale grey. They come in 5 mesh sizes plus sizes rigged for Belleza Venus Mesh Body regular chest and pushup breasts. You can get yours from 5th December at Winter Trend 2014.

While wandering around Uber the other day, I came across this duffell coat available in various colours and was instantly drawn to the grey one. I brought it back feeling that it was absolutely and intensely mine – without really knowing why.

Then I had this conversation with Thom last night…

Mericat Ireland: like my duffell?
Thomas Thaler: very nice babes
Mericat Ireland: i liked it
Thomas Thaler: you have one like that RL
Mericat Ireland: umm (painful thinking ensues)
Mericat Ireland: yes I do! hahaha
Mericat Ireland: i had forgotten
Thomas Thaler: good job you have me

Indeed, it is a good job I have him and not just to keep track of what I own in each world. Lol! I’m off to put my rl duffell on now, I wish you a cosy day 🙂

What do you think?

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