Belleza issues press release about DCMA on Venus Mesh Body

Belleza have announced that they have received a DCMA notice against the Belleza Venus Mesh body and intend to fight it all the way. However, it does mean anyone considering buying the body should do so asap, as it will disappear for a short while from sale. Read the full release for details.

If you’d like to read this site’s reviews of the Belleza Venus Mesh body, as well as a comparison with The Mesh Project (TMP)’s Mesh body and Wowmeh’s mesh body, you can find them linked below.

The Mesh Body Reviews – Belleza vs The Mesh Project vs Wowmeh (naked) – Updated
The Belleza Venus Mesh Body Update Review – November 2014 (Topless)


The Belleza Team has had a DMCA filed against us regarding the VENUS mesh body. We received the email just a short time ago and are sharing this information with the public ASAP so as to keep you all informed.

We intend to take full action against these FALSE claims. We have reason to suspect the culprits behind it are the same people who have been sending constant harassing and threatening messages on our lives for months now. In addition, they have been terrorizing customers in the store as well as griefing the sim with graphic card crashers. All of these recent events have taken place while Tricky is out of the country on vacation, but rest assured he fully intends to shorten his trip and return home to counter all claims.

Tricky’s work has been copyrighted since day one, and we are completely confident we will have VENUS back…

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3 thoughts on “Belleza issues press release about DCMA on Venus Mesh Body

  1. Insane.
    Still 1 question i need to ask, why it was made copy/no mod in 1st place?
    Lolas tango where full copy mod and it was not that that stopped its success.
    By not allowing any to edit the belezza mesh body, one can not add more layers, cannot delete useless scripts of the copies and worse, makes one wonder if it is the main purpose to hide some from the user.
    I do believe that the claim is a non sense and will be a sad but need hassle to endure and belezza will win fully in courts, hopeful fast enough to not disrupt is development.
    But it is time for them also to reconsider the no mod rights and allow the product to be full copy/mod/no transfer

    1. Hi Pearl, thanks for your comment. I’ve not found a reason to modify my Belleza mesh body (or any mesh body) but doesn’t the developer kit help with some of the problems you mentioned?

      I can’t know why the permissions were decided upon as they are, but perhaps it protects some elements of the body which make it unique and they would not want copied? I can understand creators wanting to protect their work from unscrupulous people looking to rip it off.

      However, I don’t know if that’s why… it’s just a guess.

      As always, I recommend that any feedback is notecarded to those people who can help. In this case Felicity Blumenthal of Belleza would be the lady, I think.

  2. Well i can give you just to exmaples and why i didnt bought the venus but another brand, cause if is copy/mod (and a rare case it seems).
    I want to make sure my avatar in unscripted:
    reason, still many sims i go don’t allow scripts or i cross to many sims when sailing or riding a bike and know how even a simple 16k script can be a pain.
    So i wish to have a copy, rezz it in world and be able to delete all the scripts inside, after that copy is set proper (skin and so on).
    A creator can still make its builds no mod and still, offer an option, be via chat or on the hud, to delete scripts.
    Sadly, almost none of the mesh body builders so that, even after i requested, not Belezza but another well known brand, to at least make a delete script option available.
    So i can only think they really don’t care and are loosing quite a few clients, those who can wear scipts in many places they go or use.
    I want to add another layer or just to be able to remove the not needed one anymore.
    I want to add my own template textures without the need to use a omega or whatever scripted aplier.
    To go back to beginning, Lola’s tango are full copy and mod and that did not stop them to be the revolution.

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